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2007 Toronto Blue Jays Prospects

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2007 Toronto Blue Jays Prospects

  1. Adam Lind, OF, Grade A- (his bat is not a fluke)
  2. Travis Snider, OF, Grade A- (outstanding hitter)
  3. Ricky Romero, LHP, B (I think he'll rebound)
  4. Curtis Thigpen, C, B- (good bat, good glove, lacks home run power)
  5. Ryan Patterson, OF, C+ (tons of power, but could end up like Ryan Ludwick)
  6. David Purcey, LHP, C+ (great arm, command a problem)
  7. Jesse Litsch, RHP, C+ (good command, but stuff isn't the best)
  8. Brandon Magee, RHP, C+ (good arm, good command, but already 23)
  9. Davis Romero, LHP, C+ (Short but a good pitcher)
  10. Kyle Yates, RHP, C+ (excellent curve)
  11. Josh Banks, RHP, C+ (good command, but stuff isn't thebest)
  12. Jean Machi, RHP, C+ (good arm, nice free agent pickup)
  13. Chi-Hung Cheng, LHP, C+ (will have to prove himself at higher levels)
  14. Anthony Hatch, INF, C+ (promising bat)
  15. Dustin Majewski, OF, C+ (drew 100 walks, good glove, some power)
  16. Francisco Rosario, RHP, C (great arm, but I don't trust him to throw strikes)
  17. Chip Cannon, 1B, C (Good power, but Arizona Fall League numbers look flukey)
  18. Ryan Kosterman, INF, C (possible utility candidate)
  19. Kyle Ginley, RHP, C (live arm from 2006 draft)
  20. Chase Lirette, RHP, C (strike thrower from 2006 draft)
Others: Yohermyn Chavez, OF; Jordan DeJong, RHP; Chris Emanuele, OF; Eric Fowler, LHP; Graham Godfrey, RHP; Rey Gonzalez, RHP; Luke Hopkins, 1B; Brian Jeroloman, C; Cory Patton, OF; Brian Pettway, OF; Paul Phillips, RHP; Ty Taubenheim, RHP; Tracy Thorpe, RHP; Jamie Vermilyea, RHP.

The Blue Jays In One Sentence: Toronto has two outstanding bats, but the system drops off quickly after that, as the pitchers with the best stuff lack command, and the pitchers with the best command lack stuff.

There is a HUGE amount of uncertainty on this list, and what ends up in the book may look different. The Grade C+/C guys are interchangeable depending on what you want to emphasize. For example, you can make a case for Rosario in the Top Ten or even the Top Five, but I just don't think he will ever throw enough strikes to live up to his potential.

ALL GRADES ARE PRELIMINARY. If you hate a grade, feel free to make a case for me to change it, though remember that cases phrased respectfully using logic and facts are more likely to be viewed positively than those featuring insults and invective.

There is a lot of slack in the B-/C+/C range and players may move up and down depending on how my thinking progresses. Feel free to make comments, point out sleepers I may have missed, etc. Note that there is only a limited amount of space in the book, and the max I can do is 35-36 players per team.

And, as always, there is the helpful reminder to Buy My Book, which will lay out reports for all these guys (and more) in detail.