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Baltimore Orioles Preliminary Prospect List

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I had to stretch to get this one to 36. Am I missing anyone important? I need to start keeping teams to 35-38 in any event, and some of the first teams will have to be reduced.


Baltimore Orioles          36 players

Ryan Adams                 2B-3B
Xavier Avery               OF
Jesse Beal                 RHP
Ryan Berry                 RHP
Tim Berry                  LHP
Parker Bridwell            RHP
Zach Britton               LHP
Bobby Bundy                RHP
Matt Bywater               LHP
Cam Coffey                 RHP
Brandon Cooney             RHP
Oliver Drake               RHP
Jaime Esquivel             RHP
Pedro Florimon             SS
Eddie Gamboa               RHP
Mychal Givens              SS
Randy Henry                RHP
Matt Hobgood               RHP
L.J. Hoes                  2B
Brett Jacobson             RHP
Caleb Joseph               C
Dan Klein                  RHP
Manny Machado              SS
Joseph Mahoney             1B
Jarrett Martin             LHP
Kam Mickolio               RHP
Trent Mummey               OF
Connor Narron              SS
Wynn Pelzer                RHP
Jonathan Schoop            SS
Clay Schrader              RHP
Ashur Tolliver             LHP
Sebastian Vader            RHP
Brandon Waring             3B|
Brenden Webb               OF
Aaron Wirsch               LHP