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Due to popular request, I am switching the date of the Mock Draft from Monday June 6 to Sunday, June 5, at 1:00 PM Central Time. I realize that a few of the Scouting Directors can't do it on Sunday, but it appears that more people will participate overall if we do it on Sunday, so I think this is a switch we need to make.

If you have been assigned as a Scouting Director, but can't be here on Sunday, please post in the Comments section attached to this thread. It would help if you can designate a replacement, perhaps someone who has posted in the MOD thread for your team. Let me know what you want to do.

Here is the current list of assignments. I will update the list as needed.

Anaheim: jagsbball41
Arizona: cubfan33
Atlanta: MPK
Baltimore: erudite
Boston: templeuSox
Cincinnati: JD Arney
Chicago AL: mrkupe
Chicago NL: acerimusdux
Cleveland: jdelavalle
Colorado: cunningt
Detroit: robb
Florida: kingkoala
Houston: longhornjaws
Kansas City: Kannc6
Los Angeles: sanchez101
Minnesota: hotshotschamp
New York AL: superpriebe
New York NL: JJ1986
Oakland: ohad
Philadelphia: tinkertoevers
Pittsburgh: WTM
St. Louis: alien
San Diego: sdbaseballfan
San Francisco: novaoakland
Seattle: macmariner
Tampa Bay: PolkCountyRay
Texas: Brandon Wilson
Toronto: pistol
Washington: ESiegrist