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Calling All Pirates Fans: What is Wrong with Pedro Alvarez?

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I think the title speaks for itself. 

I am interested in the observations and opinions of Pirates fans or anyone else who has seen Pedro Alvarez play frequently. Why hasn't he lived up to the potential scouts saw in him when he was in college? Do you think his problems are correctable? How do you see him fitting into Pittsburgh's future? Is it too soon to be truly concerned, or are you convinced that he is going to be a bust?

I was working on a piece about this but I decided that I wanted to get observations and input from people who have seen him more often than I have, but who do not have a vested interest in seeing him perform well. I mean, obviously Pirates fans are interested in him performing well, but sometimes the fans can be more objective about something than the organization itself can be, at least publicly. 

So what's your opinion on this? Try not to be emotional about it....a lot of Royals fans wrote off Alex Gordon after 2009 and 2010 for emotional reasons, but he's turned things around. Can Alvarez do the same?