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Daniel Cabrera and the K/BB Ratio from Hell

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Daniel Cabrera (AP photo)

In the interesting young pitcher department today, we have Daniel Cabrera, RHP, Baltimore Orioles. He's got a great arm, and he had flashes of success in his 2004 rookie season. He also had a horrible 76/89 K/BB ratio in 148 innings last summer.

Cabrera was very effective this spring: 1.64 ERA, 15/5 K/BB in 22 innings, showing much better command. Will this hold up in the regular season? Will his control improve enough for him to live up to the potential in his pure arm strength? I think Cabrera could be a dominating pitcher, but his command was so bad last year that you have to wonder if it can improve so drastically within one season. Or is Ray Miller this much of a genius?

What say you, should we look for a big improvement from Cabrera, yes or no?