What You Have Seen So Far From Your Team

pedrophile made a thread like this about the Blue Jays. In the comments, just make some reports about your teams prospects/young players in ST. While ST is such a SSS, it is nice to hear some reports on these players.

Here are my reports for the Rays....

Tim Beckham- I have seen Beckham a few times this ST. His defense looks pretty solid. Range is mediocre, but he has a good arm. He should be able to stick at SS for now, but should move off when he reaches his 30s or if he gains more weight.

His hitting has impressed me, even if the results have been ugly. His raw bat speed is very impressive and he has some raw power. Hopefully he can improve his plate discipline and his ability to but a barrel on the ball.

Hak-Ju Lee- Lee's defense has been as reported: excellent. He used his great range and good arm to make some spectacular plays. However, he still needs to get more reps, as he has been prone to little errors during ST and during last year, such as getting the ball out of his glove. Once he cuts these out, he should be fine.

At the plate, he is a bit of a slap hitter. I don't think he will ever hit many homers and he struggles, at this point, at recognizing breaking balls. I know, it is a small sample size, but his ability to identify breaking balls has been limited (or non-existent) so far. I think he will struggle to start the year off before making the right adjustments.

His speed is excellent.

Alex Colome- His fastball this spring has been excellent. He has consistently been 94-97 (seriously) and the fastball has plenty of run. A few even has quite a bit of sink. His curveball has flashed plus, but he hasn't shown too much feel for his changeup. He also throws what is either a cutter or a slider in the 89-90 range, a pitch that is weak at this point. His lack of whiffs is a little baffling to me. It might be a combination of his mediocre command and maybe a lack of deception.

Wilking Rodriguez- I've only seen him once and for one inning without a radar gun. His fastball looks plus. If I had to guess, it was probably in the mid 90s. His curveball was very inconsistent, sometimes being bad while sometimes being very good. What surprised me the most was his feel for a changeup in that one inning. He got some weak swings, some fade, and had good arm speed. He is an interesting guy to watch this upcoming year.

Albert Suarez- I didn't have a gun on Suarez and only saw him for an inning. His sinker was good when thrown low in the zone, but it flattened up in the zone. I don't remember seeing any other pitches from him. I wasn't impressed much, but the Rays seem to like him and I only saw 1 inning.

Stephen Vogt- Vogt has been a nice surprise, having a nice spring so far. The Rays don't seem to question his bat, and in the small sample size it has looked legit. His barrel ability, in the SSS, has been fantastic and he has some raw power. Defensively, he lacks a position, which will keep him off the roster.

So what have you seen from your team?

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