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"A Podcast To Be Named Later" : The AL Recap

Weeks 3-5 News & Notes in The American League

Astros reliever Ken Giles
Astros reliever Ken Giles
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

A Podcast To Be Named Later

Hosted by Chris Mitchell

Guest: Brandon C Williams


Host Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Guest Brandon C Williams of discuss the news and notes in American League baseball as well as breaking down the divisional races every Sunday at 12pm EST. Here are links to listen to the Podcasts and show rundowns for weeks #3-#5.

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: Show Topics :

Week #5 in the American League
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"Short Dog's" Rant
--> What has happened to modern day rivalries in sports?

* Players in Focus
--> Byung-Ho Park
--> Evan Gattis: Back to catching
--> Rougned Odor: Is he becoming one of the elite second baseman in the game?

* American League Divisional Breakdown
--> AL East:
* Red Sox Mashing - Xander Bogaerts becoming a star?
* Blue Jays - starting slow or declining?
* Manny Machado to SS: Impact?
* Young core of Yankees Rotation: Severino & Pineda - concerned?
* Aroldis Chapman in as closer - what is the impact?

--> AL Central:
* White Sox: Best record and best rotation in AL?
* Royals: Fewest Runs scored - Fewest home runs - 3rd lowest OPS = Concerns?
* Indians: Carrasco out - offense a little lite --> Predictions and Projections?

--> AL West
* Astros: Did we overestimate this team?
* Monday Morning Quarterbacking: The Carlos Gomez & Ken Giles trades.
* Lance McCullers return: Can he save the Struggling Stros?
* Mariners: Cano as an MVP? Are the Mariners for real?
* Ketel Marte and Leonys Martin
* Trading Mike Trout - Legitimate option or ludicrous suggestion?


: Show Topics :

Week #4 in the American League

"Short Dog's" Rant
--> Are steroid penalties harsh enough? Should Contracts be voidable?

* Players in Focus
--> Dee Gordon: Impact on the NL East & in Fantasy Sports - do you cut him?
--> Jake Arrieta: Is he the new best pitcher in baseball?

* American League Divisional Breakdown
--> AL East:
* Sox and O's early season control of the division.
* Yankees: Ellsbury struggling & his remaining contract.
* Orioles: Kevin Gausman - the key to their season?
* Blue Jays: Stroman their new ace - Aaron Sanchez their true star?
* Predicting the division three weeks out

--> AL Central:
* White Sox: Is their staff the American League story so far?
* Tigers: Castellanos start - the struggling staff & the demands on their offense.
* Royals: Offense's struggles
--> Mike Moustakas power surge
--> Their staffs start.
* Indians: Impact of Carrasco injury & Brantley's return - Offensive struggles
* Twins: Fantasy Focus: Byron Buxton

--> AL West
* A's: Can they be a .500 team?
* Mariners: surprised by their start - 2nd in AL in ERA 3.04.
* Astros: 7-17 - Why?
--> Tyler White
--> Pitching struggles - Keuchel/McHugh/Fister
--> When do we see AJ Reed

: Show Topics :

Week #3 in the American League

"Short Dog's" Rant
--> Instant Replay in Sports. Football & Baseball are screwing it up & Hockey is getting it wrong now too!!

* Players in Focus
--> Tyler White: Did the minor league numbers predict 2016?
--> Colby Rasmus:
--> Robinson Cano: Is he the old Cano or a new declining version?
--> Felix Hernandez: Velocity has dropped - the walks are up and the ERA is down - What?
--> Hot Players:
* Todd Frazier
* Mike Moustakas
* Miguel Sano
* Ian Desmond: What happens when Choo returns?

* American League Divisional Breakdown
--> AL East:
* O's staff: regression coming?
* Blue Jays: Best team in the division?
* Yankees:
--> Can they be steady all season?
--> Will 90 wins get it done in the AL East?
--> Chapman return?

--> AL Central:
* White Sox: "The Story of the division so far" - Brandon C Williams
--> "Matt Latos has been their story so far" - Brandon C Williams
* Tigers: Cabrera is declining - expectations need to change?
--> Upton disappointing
--> Saltalamacchia will regress
--> Reasons for optomism w/ Verlander
--> Peflrey will regress & K Rod is a concern
* Indians:
--> Carrasco injured - impact?
--> Brantley due this week - impact?

--> AL West
* A's:Early season division lead - surprised?
* Rangers: Offense struggling.
* Astros: A look at last 140 games - Were they overrated?
* Angels: "Mediocre team - but the offense is better than their start" - Brandon C Williams
* Mariners: King Felix's velocity is down & Cano's Batting average is too


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