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Minor League Ball update and suggestions

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A Minor League Ball update for Saturday evening:

A contagion has struck the Sickels household. The kids had it last week, now it is Jeri's turn and my turn. As a result I am not fully operational at the moment but will hopefully will be back to normal Monday. Today was better than yesterday.

In the meantime, here is a preview of what's in store this coming week:

***Minor League Ball community Hitter and Pitcher of the Year. The hitter contest seems clear enough but the pitching contest will require a runoff. We'll do that Monday.

***Prospect Retrospective for Colby Lewis, since someone asked for that. Make other suggestions.

***Review of 2015 first-rounders and how they performed in their first look at pro competition.

***Draft sleepers from 2015 and how they performed.

***More "Prospects on the Rise"

Feel free to make more suggestions.