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Alex Colome
Alex Colome
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

I am now working on the Miami Marlins prospect list. The next team in line is the Tampa Bay Rays, to be followed by the St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland Athletics, and the Los Angeles Dodgers to finish the series.

Use this thread to discuss the Tampa Bay Rays farm system and organization. Possible points for discussion include, but are certainly not limited to,

****Obviously there are some big changes in the works for this organization. What do you think of new General Manager Matt Silverman's efforts so far?

****Steven Souza: do you like him?

****Do you have any hope for Hak-Ju Lee?

****What is the best way to use Alex Colome? Starter or reliever?

****Same question for Enny Romero?

****Same question for Nathan Karns. He is getting old for a prospect at age 27, but there's good stuff there. How best to use it?

****True or False: Ryan Brett is an under-rated prospect who deserves more attention.

****As always, feel free to discuss your sleepers and under-rated prospects, as well as your over-rated ones.