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Podcast: Should the Angels trade Mike Trout?

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"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

Host: Chris Mitchell
Guest: George Kurtz

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Host Chris Mitchell and Guest George Kurtz of discussed the news of the day in Major League baseball from the buzz surrounding Jessica Mendoza and the ESPN booth, to Stephen Strasburg's contract extension, the tradability of Mike Trout and an inside look at the recent legal developments for the Daily Fantasy Sports industry and their visit to Capital Hill.

The Topics for Debate:

* Daily Fantasy Sports

Their Visit to Capital Hill

Players in Focus

*** Mike Trout

Can the Angels trade Mike Trout and be better off?

What package of players makes sense in a Trout trade?

***Stephen Strasburg:

7 Yrs - $175 Million - 70 Million deferred

Richest extension for a Tommy John Surgery Pitcher

Did he leave money on the table?

***Jessica Mendoza

Ranked as the best color person in MLB. Hmm?

What makes a good and bad broadcaster?

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"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

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