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Friday morning update

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This is a picture of a cute bunny rabbit for no reason
This is a picture of a cute bunny rabbit for no reason
John Sickels

A couple of days ago, Jeri ordered me to take a few days away from writing and let my brain get the final rest it needs to put the concussion completely behind me. This sounded like a good idea, particularly after she threatened me with the vaguely ominous "trouble" if I did not comply.

When a female threatens you with vaguely ominous "trouble," a wise man complies.

Of course, she left a loophole: she said "take a few days away from writing." She didn't say to stay away from Minor League Ball completely. She did not forbid research for the 2014 draft, and she did not forbid planning ahead for next week. Here is what we have on tap.

***Nick Melotte continues his outstanding series of Gameday threads.
***Matt Garrioch is working on the 2014 MLB draft summaries.
***Expect more news, notes, and opinions from Lee Warren and Jessica Quiroli.
***Upcoming Prospect of the Day subjects include Marcus Stroman, Rougned Odor, and Alex Meyer
***Not a Rookie article for Martin Perez. Feel free to suggest other Not a Rookies if you like.
***My current take on Mookie Betts
***Prospect notes for some unheralded rookies like Casey Sadler, Mike Bolsinger, Mike Morin, and others to be determined.
***We will begin organizing the 2014 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft next week.

That's the list, but be patient: if I do any actual writing today or tomorrow I risk the wrath of Jeri. Instead, for today I am content to do some draft research, and to watch the cute bunny rabbits playing in my dandelion yard.