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2014 MLB Draft: Deep South Region

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A well rounded class that has impact tools and depth. It's loaded with college arms and is the strength of this area but it has everything.

The Deep South is loaded with talent this year. There is someone that fits nearly every profile here. Big power, top of the rotation arm, toolsy middle infielders, all of it is available here. The college arms run really deep here. That is a strength in this draft and is really strong in this region. Here is the interactive map if you'd like to see where some of these guys are located geographically.

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Name POS Level Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Tyler Beede P JR 40 65 Right Right 6'4" 200 5/23/93
Potential for three plus pitches. Prototypical frame. Control and command need improvement and consistency but have improved. Great breaking ball. Mid-rotation guy. Could be a #2.
Chase Vallot C HS 35 60 Right Right 6'1" 210 8/21/96
Big bat speed and power. Good arm. Good athelte.  Hit tool questions. Needs work defensively but is young for the draft. Intriguing potential.
Greg Deichmann 2B HS 35 60 Left Right 6'2" 180 5/31/95
Plus power potential. Good bat. Struggles with off speed stuff. Not sure on defensive fit but likely a 2B. He may be tried at 3B but I'm not sure he has the arm for it. The bat is what will carry him.
Aaron Nola P JR 40 55 Right Right 6'2" 170 6/4/93
Nothing overpower, just solid average fastball with command of breaking ball and change. Mid rotation type. Low arm slot is a concern for some.
Cody Reed P HS 30 60 Left Left 6'3" 235 6/7/96
Good athlete. Up to 97. Big potential here. Big breaking ball and flashes an average change but control and command need work. Needs to gain consistency in delivery but #2/3 starter possible.
Ti'quan Forbes SS HS 25 60 Right Right 6'4" 175 8/26/96
Big time power potential but so much is projection. Great athlete. Could stick up the middle. Raw player will need time. His arm isn't huge so SS may not work. I worry some about the hit tool but athleticism should help that.
Justus Sheffield P HS 30 55 Left Left 6'2" 195 5/13/96
Short lefty has an excellent breaking ball. Fastball can reach 95 and shows an average to above changeup. Has a hard time getting downward plane on the ball. Fastball looks hittable but has armside run.
Chris Oliver P SO 30 55 Right Right 6'4" 180 7/8/93
Big time arm strength. Up to 97. Fastball is straight. Long arm action on the back makes the breaking ball hard to break off. Shows a change but slows are. One pitch guy for the most part. Bullpen might be best fit.
Bobby Bradley 3B HS 30 55 Left Right 6'2" 215 5/29/96
Thick build. Strong but questionable hit tool. Pedro Alvarez type. Large amount of power projection. Likely a 1B due to lack of range but bat is the only thing that matters with him.
Lane Thomas LF HS 30 55 Right Right 6'1" 180 8/23/95
Intriguing all around tools. Solid contact often. Line drive approach but power could come. Speed and ability should allow him to play CF but his arm should allow him to move to RF if he slows down.
Brian Anderson 2B JR 40 50 Right Right 6'3" 185 5/19/93
Athletic build. Good footwork for a player new to keystone positlion. Strong arm. Contact approach. Solid all around player. Could be a CF as well. Super utility possible.
Josh Laxer P JR 40 50 Right Right 6'1" 210 6/7/93
Short righty with a 95 MPH fastball. It's straight but it's 95. Hard slider is a swing and miss pitch. Could be a useful reliever. 7th-8th inning guy.
Jacob Lindgren P JR 40 50 Left Left 6' 205 3/12/93
Lindgren worked low 90's when he was starting but his velocity ticked up to 93-95 out of the bullpen. He has a knockout slider and the numbers show it. Could be an asset out of the pen.
Chris Ellis P JR 35 50 Right Right 6'5" 215 9/22/92
Fastball that sits 91-93 but can hit 95. He has a slider but it doesn't have the bite that it needs for impact. Good changeup that is a solid second pitch. Mid rotation potential as a strike thrower.
K.J. Hockaday 3B J3 35 50 Right Right 6'3" 220 4/5/93
All bat. Power will come but hit tool is good. Average defender but may have to move off 3B.
Brandon Woodruff P JR 35 50 Right Right 6'4" 215 2/10/93
Has had command issues this spring but has been up to 96 in the past and has a solid slider and a usable change.
David Michael Burkhalter P HS 30 50 R R 6'4" 185
Big body. Long swing. Sits 87-90 and tops out at 91. slider at 81, curve at 71 with a nice 12/6 break. 80 MPH change. Very projectable. I really like him.
Justin Steele P HS 30 50 Left Left 6'2" 165 7/11/95
With a fastball that ranges from 84-93. He has a good breaking ball and a change but both are inconsistent like his fastball. He could be an interesting project or a high round pick in three years with gained consistency.
Ryan Tella OF SR 40 45 Left Left 5'11" 170 5/18/91
Solid bat to ball ability. Can cover some ground in CF but not a starter there. Tweener 4th OF type.
Adam Ravenelle P JR 40 45 Right Right 6'2" 185 10/5/92
Up to 94. Works more 91-93 with mid 80s slider. Good armside tail on low 90's fastball and straightens out with velo. Power bullpen arm most likely.
Hawtin Buchanan P JR 30 50 Right Right 6'8" 245 4/29/93
6'8" righty with a huge arm. Up to 98 in the past. Command is an issue for him. Curveball is inconsistent. Haven't seen a change but there is potential in his arm.
T.J. Pecoraro P SR 40 45 Right Right 6' 170 11/22/92
TJS survivor. Forgotten man on deep Vandy team. Fastball just breaks 90. Big breaking slow curve is tough to hit. Very good change as well. Three pitch mix would make a fringy MLB starter but could be an asset.
Bre'shon Kimbell LF JR 40 45 Right Right 6'2" 210 11/6/92
Athletic corner OF with some pop in his bat. Showed well in summer ball but hasn't hit as well this spring.
Will Allen C SR 40 45 Right Right 6'3" 215 3/25/92
Good hitter. Solid approach at the plate. Solid defender. Looks to be able to stick behind the dish. Good senior sign for someone.
Jonathan Holder P JR 40 45 R R 6/2 245
Strong build. College closer doesn't have a big arm but sits upper 80's and hits 94 on occasion. Good breaking ball could be an out pitch against lower level competition. Will have to improve to be an impact big leaguer and I don't see it.
Carson Baranik P J3 30 50 Right Right 6'3" 205 11/6/92
I haven't seen him since high school but I loved him then. Tumultuos college career has leveled off this year him getting innings and putting up solid results. Low 90's with a good breaking ball in the past.
Mark Laird OF JR 35 45 Left Left 6'2" 180
Really skinny athlete. Fast runner. Simple swing allows for good contact. Minimal over the fence power. Speed is his biggest asset. Should allow him to be a CF but he's a corner guy due to lack of experience and poor route running. It is still a possibility though.
Spencer Turnbull P JR 35 45 Right Right 6'3" 220 9/18/92
Big arm that can sit 95, touch 98 but is in the low 90's when he is a starter. Lack of quality secondaries make me question his future success.
Mason Robbins LF JR 35 45 Left Left 6' 200 2/1/93
Solid contact swing. Good approach but minimal power. Doesn't have the power to profile at a corner and doesn't have the ability to stick in center. Tweener 4th OF.
Jared Miller P JR 35 45 Left Left 6'6" 240 8/21/93
Upper 80's velo but can touch higher. Good slider is a swing and miss pitch.
Keaton Haack P SO 35 45 Right Right 6'5" 200 10/25/93
Good projection. Solid 3 pitch mix. Good fade on breaking ball, good 12-6 curve
Jonathon Holder P JR 35 45 Right Right 6'3" 245 6/9/93
Impressive college closer. Works 88-90 but has a hammer curve that will work really well in the low minors.
Chris Harvey C JR 30 45 Right Right 6'5" 225 3/10/93
Early entrance to school makes this his first time available in the draft. Hasn't gotten the playing time I expected or performed at the level I expected. He's a good player that more could  become better but has yet to show it.
Clay Casey OF HS 30 45 R R 6/3 204 5/14/95
Good power potential. Fast bat but some swing and miss. Should stick in RF. Nice late round get.
Alexander Wiel 1B JR 30 45 Right Right 6'4" 225 1/11/93
A big atheltic hitter shows potential all over the field but is very inconsistent. Hasn't hit as well this year but there could be an average regular in there.
Handsome Monica C HS 30 45 Right Right 6'2" 210 8/5/95
short quck to the ball. Solid power. Good bat. The rest of his game lags behind
JT Mauldin 3B HS 30 45 Right Right 6'2" 210 9/24/95
busy bat pre-swing. Strong wrists. Hard hit ball. Balanced approach
Jesse McCord P HS 30 45 Right Right 6'1" 173 8/2/95
Atheltic prep arm up to 92. I don't love the arm action but I think he will be signable later in the draft if he falls.
John Wesley Ray P HS 30 45 Right Right 6'5" 200 12/6/94
Projectable upper 80's RHP, good breaking ball
Sikes Orvis 1B JR 35 40 Left Right 6'2" 210 5/1/93
More of an org player but could make a solid impact in any organization needing solid hitters in the the order.
Wes Rea 1B JR 35 40 Right Right 6'5" 270
Big right handed power but very little else.
Damek Tomscha 3B SR 35 40 Right Right 6'3" 225 8/27/91
Good hitter. Good approach. Not a high end guy but good org depth guy who can help a team and maybe surprise with the bat.
Connor Castellano 2B JR 35 40 Left Right 6' 180 6/11/92
Good bat speed. Hits the ball hard. Should have average or above bat for 2B. Big weight shift will give him problems with good off speed pitches.
Senquez Golson CF JR 20 45 Right Right 5'10" 185 7/7/93
An extremely good athelte had a lot of potential but hasn't played any baseball to speak of since H.S.He has still shown interest in the sport otherwise I would have written him off. Just a flier on an athlete at this point.
Jacob Greer RHP 1B, 3B, SS HS 30 40 R R 6'7" 250
Interesting big man.
Rock Rucker RF SO Left Left 6'5" 225 3/24/93
Tyler Spoon OF SO R R 5/11 185 9/28/92
Zac Curtis LHP Sr. L L 5/9 180 7/4/92
Heath Slatton P SO L R 6'3" 185 9/17/93
Christian Trent P SO L L 6'1" 200 9/10/92
David Hess P JR Right Right 6'2" 180 7/10/93
Clint Freeman OF/LHP SR L L 6/2 195 5/25/91
Austin Bousfeld OF JR R R 5/11 185 7/5/93
Jalen Beeks LHP JR L L 5/11 205
Jonathan Frebis LHP JR L Left 6'3" 220 9/24/92
Austin Robichaux P JR Right Right 6'5" 170 11/23/92
Bradley Roney P JR Right Right 6'2" 190 9/1/92
Daniel Koger P JR Right Left 6'6" 185 8/12/93
Connor Barron SS JR Left Right 6'3" 190 9/23/92
Wade Wass C J4 Right Right 6' 209 9/23/91
Chandler Avant 2B HS R R 6'1" 175 7/11/95
Johnny Norwood OF JR Right Right 6'2" 205 9/24/92
Tripp Martin 3B JR Right Right 6'2" 190 4/2/92
Austin Coley P JR Right Right 6'3" 200 7/14/92
Rocky McCord P JR Right Right 6'2" 180 11/16/92
Jared Foster OF JR Right Right 6'1" 185
Kevin Steen P HS R R 6'2" 165 7/24/96
Michael Strentz C JR Right Right 6'1" 215 11/10/91
Jamal Howard OF HS R R 6'3" 205 3/23/96
Philip Pfeifer P JR Left Left 6' 190 7/15/92
Ivan DeJesus 2B SR Right Right 5'11" 190 5/1/87
Johnathan Frebis P JR Left Left 6'4" 230
Ben Moore LF JR Right Right 6' 200 9/22/92
Andro Cutura RHP JR R R 6/1 195 8/22/93
Justin Kamplain P JR Right Left 6' 175 2/13/93
Michael Clemens P JR R R 6'4" 210 7/27/93
Sam McWilliams RHP HS R R 6'5" 185
Kwanstan Adkins OF 1B HS L L 6'2" 193 11/20/95
Austin Bain SS HS R R 6'1" 185 5/2/95
Grayson Jones RHP J1 R R 6/2 205
Brent Honeywell RHP J1 R R 6/3 180 3/31/95
Emmanuel Marrero SS JR B R 6/1 180 5/16/93
Randy LeBlanc P SR Right Right 6'4" 185 3/7/92
Eric White RHP 3B, 1B, SS HS R R 6'3" 205
Jim Ploeger LHP SR L L 6/3 225
Justin Friend 1B J1 L R 6/4 235
Reagan Rutledge OF JR B R 6/1 170
Jonathan Keller P JR Right Left 6' 205 11/12/92
Alex Massey P JR Right Right 6'2" 160 2/1/93
Westin Stringer LHP J2 L L 6/1 195
Chase Compton 1B SR L R 6/2 210 9/26/91
Dylan Shoffner LHP J2 L L 6/2 190
Jake Hubbard P JR Right Right 6'1" 185 12/3/92
SETH LUCIO RHP JR R R 5/11 185 4/30/93
Steven Rice P Sr. Left Left 5'8" 170 11/26/91
Hayden Barnett P J2 Right Right 6'4" 201 7/8/93
Trevin Hall OF/1B JR R R 6/3 180
Jo-el Bennett OF JR Right Right 6'2" 185 9/9/92
Taylor Byrd LHP SR L L 6/2 175 8/15/92
Cameron Cochran RHP J2 R R 6/3 210
Justin Camp P RS-SO Right Right 6'1" 225 5/17/93
Kida de la Cruz RHP J2 R R 6/6 245
Dathan Prewitt OF J2 R R 6/1 170
Josh Peterson P JR Left Right 6'2" 170 2/26/93
Donte Albert SS J2 R R 6/2 185
Justin Stawychny SS JR R R 6'2" 180
Marc Frazier 3B SO Left Right 6'1" 195 2/20/93
Nick Masonia SS JR R R 5'10" 160
Kyle McKenzie P SR Left Right 6' 165 9/13/90
Jhon Peralta RHP JR R R 6/1 175
Tyler Mapes P SR Right Right 6'2" 200 7/18/91
John Lieske P JR Right Right 6'2" 200 9/30/91
Mike Bernal 3B SO R R 5/11 190
Blake Stansberry 3B RHP HS L R 6'1" 205
Zac Fowler P Jr. R R 6'3" 205
Vince Conde SS JR Right Right 6'1" 182 10/13/93
Nick Howell OF/1B SR L L 6/3 185 7/24/92
Colton Hathcock RHP/3B HS R R 6'2" 195
Tyler Cameron SS SR R R 5/10 170
Aaron Greenwood RHP SR R R 6/4 200
Jordan Romero C J1 R R 6/2 215
Chase Nyman SS J2 Left Right 6' 185 10/2/93
CODY WALKER C JR R R 5/11 205 5/7/93
Blake Austin C SR Right Right 6'1" 210 7/1/92
Bret Marks P JR R R 6'3" 175 5/22/92
Ethan Gross SS SR R R 6/1 195 9/12/91
John Thomas Mauldin 3B RHP HS R R 6'2" 210 9/24/95
Jordan Ebert 2B SO Right Right 6'1" 175 7/7/93
Tristan Widra P HS Right Right 6'1" 190 2/27/96
Beauregard Brewer OF HS 0 0 6/2 165
TRENT MILLER 1B/OF SR B R 6/1 215 8/5/91
Andres Gracia P JR R R 6'3" 200 2/8/93
Wyatt Marks P HS Right Right 6'3" 205 6/28/95
Lane Ratliff LHP J1 L L 6/3 185
Johnny Youngblood OF JR Right Right 6'2" 160 7/13/93
Taylor Walker 1B J2 6/4 225
Kade Scivicque C/RHP JR R R 5/11 210
Scott Price 1B/OF SR L R 6/3 215
Matt Evenson RHP J2 R R 6/1 185 9/21/93
Jordan Anderson OF J2 R R 6/1 195 4/12/94
Cameron Giannini P SR Right Right 6'4" 210 8/23/91
Trey Cochran-Gill RHP JR R R 5/10 190 12/10/92
Luke Gibbs 2B/SS FR L R 5/9 160 12/26/92
Tim Kiene 1B SR Left Right 6'4" 240 9/10/91
John Michael Knighton RHP J2 R R 6/2 185
Blake Anderson C RHP HS R R 6'4" 200
Steven Sensley OF J2 L L 6'1" 205 9/6/95
Scooter Hightower RHP J1 R R 6/5 205
Cody Glenn P JR Left Left 6'4" 185 7/8/92
Brandon Zajac P JR L L 6/5 225 11/19/92
Mac Seibert 2B J2 R R 6/1 210 11/17/93
Christian Talley P JR R R 6/4 190 9/22/91
Taylor Nunez P JR Right Right 6/4 190 7/28/92
Ryan Milton RHP JR R R 6/3 215
Caleb Wallingford LHP JR L L 6/4 205
Alex Hermeling P JR Right Right 6'5" 200 3/22/93
Jacob Toney P J2 R L 6'4" 180 4/29/95
Tom Dorminy LHP JR L L 5/11 200
Tanner Rainey RHP JR R R 6/2 210 12/25/92
Chad Reeves LHP J2 L L 6/2 190 2/4/91
Brett Pirtle 2B SR B R 5/9 180 3/23/91
Zach Stephens 1B SR R R 6/1 200 12/13/91
Grant Zawadzki SS SR R R 5/10 185 4/27/92
Clay Moffitt P HS R R 6'3" 240 9/13/95
Chase Mallard RHP SR R R 6/2 180 11/22/91
James Fowlkes OF J1 R R 6/3 195 1/7/93
Ryan Quick RHP SR R R 6/1 175
Trevor Fitts P JR Right Right 6'2" 190 11/4/92
Kyle Keller RHP Jr. R R 6/4 180 4/28/93
Austen Smith 1B SR R R 6/4 220 1/2/92
Jace Conrad SS JR L R 5'11" 190 12/15/92
Trent Giambrone SS J2 Right Right 5'8" 175 12/20/93
Dillon Ortman RHP SR R R 6/3 200 6/13/92
Kevin Simmons RHP J2 R R 6/2 185
John Holland SS J2 L R 5/11 175 4/16/93
Tregra Williams SS/RHP J1 R R 6/3 215
Peter Lenstrohm RHP JR R R 6/2 185
Will Maddox 2B JR L R 5/11 180 6/11/92
Jared Martin C J2 R R 6/1 195 11/15/93
Caleb Adams OF JR R R 6/1 185 1/26/93
Michael Gunn 1B JR Left Left 6'1" 190 1/25/93
Dalton Herrington OF SR L L 5/11 180
Will Cox RHP SO R R 6/3 230 11/1/92
Joel Atkinson SS JR R R 5/8 155 10/29/91
Trevor Kieboom 1B JR Right Right 6'4" 200 12/1/92
Chase Slone P HS R R 6'4" 180 5/18/96
LeDarious Clark OF J2 Right Right 5'9" 180 12/17/93
Cody Woodhouse RHP SR R R 6/5 190 11/13/91
Brett Martin LHP J1 L L 6/3 185
Christian Ibarra 3B SR R R 5/7 180 9/10/92
Paul Young P SO R R 6/3 195 3/15/93
P.J. Torres C SR R R 5/11 210 2/18/92
Andrew Mahoney P HS L L 6'2" 210
Tyler Cox RHP J2 R R 5/11 185
Steven Spann RHP SR R R 6/1 175
Joe Broussard RHP JR R R 6/2 210 1/28/91
Dylan Bosheers SS JR Right Right 6' 165 5/7/92
Jeff Schalk OF JR Left Right 6'3" 205 7/19/92
Jacob Stone P JR R R 6/1 205 4/20/93
Aaron Quillen RHP J2 R R 6/3 190
TAYLOR BURCH OF RS-JR R R 6/4 230 10/2/91
Joe Serrano SS JR Right Right 5'11" 180 7/8/93
Richard Amion OF JR R R 5'10" 160 2/24/93
Taylor Cox LHP JR L L 6/3 175 7/2/93
Tyler Fullerton 2B J2 R R 5/10 185 2/4/93
Taylor Guilbeau P JR Left Left 6'3" 170 5/12/93
Chris Eades C J2 Right Right 6'3" 215 7/1/93
Carlos Leal C SR Left Right 5'11" 180 7/13/91
Brady Domangue RHP JR R R 6/1 170 10/8/91
Wesley Roberson SS HS R R 5'9" 150
Seth Harrison OF SR R R 6/1 200
Jake Wise C SR Right Right 6' 195 8/7/91
Rob Perteet OF LHP HS L L 5'9" 160
Tanner Cable P J2 R R 6/5 210 10/8/93
Preston Parrish OF HS L R 6'1" 160
DeMarcus Henderson 2B SR Right Right 5'10" 170 12/23/91
Brett McAfee SS JR Right Right 5'11" 180 2/10/93
Aaron Johnson P JR L L 6' 180 10/29/92
Tyler Filliben 3B JR Right Right 6'2" 190 8/8/92
Bradley Wallace RHP SR R R 6/2 175 9/12/92
Ryan Wilson OF/LHP SR R L 6/1 180
Braxton Lee OF JR L R 5/8 175
Sam Smith RHP JR R R 6/4 225 10/10/92
Gregory Milhorn P SO Right Right 6'2" 165 10/4/92
Tyler Bray RHP SR R R 6/5 175
Sam Few 1B J2 R R 6/5 230
Michael Adkins P JR Right Right 5'9" 145 3/1/93
Tyler Campbell SS JR R R 5'11" 170 9/26/92
Brady Puckett RHP 1B HS R R 6'8" 225
Jaesung Hwang P Jr. Right Right 6' 170 11/17/92
Tyler Lynn OF FR Left Right 6' 175
Dalton Rentz RHP J2 R R 6/5 225 10/7/93
Keelin Rasch C JR Right Right 5'11" 185 6/30/93
Brian Miller P JR R R 6'4" 170 7/15/92
Richard Gonzalez C JR Right Right 5'9" 180 11/18/93
Kyle Pate LHP OF HS L L 6'1" 175
Jacob Moody LHP/OF JR R L 5/10 180 10/29/92
Eric Fisher 1B JR L L 6/3 210 3/10/92
James Paisley RHP SS HS R R 6'1" 165
Conor Fisk P SR Right Right 6'2" 230 4/4/92
Alex Luna 1B JR R R 6'4" 180 2/11/93
Kurt McCune P SR Left Right 6'3" 170 12/3/91
Ronnie Jebavy OF J2 R R 6/3 180
Andy Bowman 1B J1 L R 6/3 225
David Owen RHP So. L R 6/1 190 10/21/93
Nick Heath OF R-Fr. L L 6/1 170
Thomas (T.J.) Renda P JR Right Right 6'1" 190
Kaleb Roper P HS Right Right 6'2" 175 11/22/95
Kyle Wright P HS Right Right 6'4" 200 10/2/95
B.J. White OF HS R R 6'4" 220 8/14/96
Blake Wiggins SS HS R R 6'1" 195 3/1/96
Matt Morgan C 3B, OF HS R R 6'1" 190 1/27/96
Hunter Tackett OF HS R R 6'3" 185 5/3/95
Dale Burdick SS HS Right Right 6'1" 181 10/12/95
Keegan Curtis OF HS R R 6'1" 175

Name College team College Commitment Hometown state
Tyler Beede Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Auburn, MA TN
Chase Vallot Mississippi St. Youngsville, LA LA
Greg Deichmann LSU Metairie, LA LA
Aaron Nola LSU LSU Baton Rouge, LA LA
Cody Reed Vanderbilt Athens, AL AL
Ti'quan Forbes Mississippi Columbia, MS MS
Justus Sheffield Vanderbilt Tullahoma, TN TN
Chris Oliver Arkansas Arkansas Farmington, AR AR
Bobby Bradley LSU Gulfport, MS MS
Lane Thomas Tennessee Knoxville, TN TN
Brian Anderson Arkansas Arkansas Tucson, AZ AR
Josh Laxer Ole Miss Ole Miss Madison, MS MS
Jacob Lindgren Mississippi State Mississippi State Kiln, MS MS
Chris Ellis Ole Miss Ole Miss Birmingham, AL MS
K.J. Hockaday Tennessee Wesleyan Tennessee Wesleyan Bel Air, MD TN
Brandon Woodruff Mississippi State Mississippi State Wheeler, MS MS
David Michael Burkhalter Louisiana-Monroe Ruston, LA LA
Justin Steele Southern Miss Lucedale, MS MS
Ryan Tella Auburn Auburn Fremont, CA AL
Adam Ravenelle Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Sudbury, MA TN
Hawtin Buchanan Ole Miss Ole Miss Biloxi, MS MS
T.J. Pecoraro Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Dix Hills, NY TN
Bre'shon Kimbell Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Mesquite, TX LA
Will Allen Mississippi Mississippi Gainesville, FL MS
Jonathan Holder Mississippi State Mississippi State MS
Carson Baranik Louisiana-Lafayette Louisiana-Lafayette Bossier City, LA LA
Mark Laird Louisiana State Louisiana State Monroe, LA LA
Spencer Turnbull Alabama Alabama Madison, AL AL
Mason Robbins Southern Miss Southern Miss Leakesville, MS MS
Jared Miller Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Avon, IN TN
Keaton Haack Alabama Alabama Greensboro, NC AL
Jonathon Holder Mississippi State Mississippi State Gulfport, MS MS
Chris Harvey Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Norristown, PA TN
Clay Casey Ole Miss DeSoto Central Southhaven, MS MS
Alexander Wiel Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Murfreesboro, TN TN
Handsome Monica Arizona Mandeville, LA LA
JT Mauldin Louisiana State University-Eunice Baton Rouge, LA LA
Jesse McCord Mississippi State Spanish Fort Estates, AL AL
John Wesley Ray Mississippi Southhaven, MS TN
Sikes Orvis Ole Miss Ole Miss Orlando, FL MS
Wes Rea Mississippi State Mississippi State Gulfport, MS MS
Damek Tomscha Iowa Western CC Auburn Sioux City, IA AL
Connor Castellano Vanderbilt Shreveport, LA TN
Senquez Golson Ole Miss Ole Miss Pascagoula, MS MS
Jacob Greer Samford Collierville, TN TN
Rock Rucker Auburn Auburn Tampa, FL AL
Tyler Spoon Arkansas Arkansas Van Buren, AR AR
Zac Curtis Middle Tennessee State Middle Tennessee State Hendersonville, TN TN
Heath Slatton Middle Tennessee State Middle Tennessee State Columbia, TN TN
Christian Trent Mississippi Mississippi Covington, LA MS
David Hess Tennessee Tech Tennessee Tech Tullahoma, TN TN
Clint Freeman East Tennessee State Jonesboro, TN TN
Austin Bousfeld Mississippi Oakland, FL MS
Jalen Beeks Arkansas Prairie Grove, AR AR
Jonathan Frebis Middle Tennessee State Middle Tennessee State Murfreesboro, TN TN
Austin Robichaux Louisiana-Lafayette Louisiana-Lafayette Crowley, LA LA
Bradley Roney Southern Mississippi Southern Mississippi Wetumpka, AL MS
Daniel Koger Auburn Auburn Huntsville, AL AL
Connor Barron Southern Miss Southern Miss Hattiesburg, MS MS
Wade Wass Alabama Alabama Pensacola, FL AL
Chandler Avant Alabama Troy, AL AL
Johnny Norwood Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Orange, NJ TN
Tripp Martin Samford Samford Pelham, AL AL
Austin Coley Belmont Belmont Murfreesboro, TN TN
Rocky McCord Auburn Auburn Spanish Fort, AL AL
Jared Foster Louisiana State Louisiana State Lake Charles, LA LA
Kevin Steen Tennessee Oak Ridge, TN TN
Michael Strentz Louisiana-Lafayette Louisiana-Lafayette Lafayette, LA LA
Jamal Howard Alabama Phenix City, AL AL
Philip Pfeifer Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Knoxville, TN TN
Ivan DeJesus Alabama-Birmingham Alabama-Birmingham San Juan, PR AL
Johnathan Frebis Middle Tennessee State Middle Tennessee State Murfreesboro, TN TN
Ben Moore Alabama Alabama Cullman, AL AL
Andro Cutura Southeastern Louisiana Pearl River, LA LA
Justin Kamplain Alabama Alabama Jasper, AL AL
Michael Clemens McNeese State McNeese State The Woodlands, TX LA
Sam McWilliams Tennessee Tech Hendersonville, TN TN
Kwanstan Adkins Northwestern State Port Allen, LA LA
Austin Bain Louisiana State Geismer, LA LA
Grayson Jones Trussville, AL AL
Brent Honeywell Carnseville, GA TN
Emmanuel Marrero Alabama State Alabama State Caguas, PR AL
Randy LeBlanc Tulane Tulane Covington, LA LA
Eric White Arkansas-Little Rock EL Dorado, AR AR
Jim Ploeger Arkansas-Pine Bluff Almere, HO AR
Justin Friend Johns Creek, GA AL
Reagan Rutledge Belhaven The Woodlands, TX MS
Jonathan Keller Alabama Alabama Maylene, AL AL
Alex Massey Tulane Tulane Baton Rouge, LA LA
Westin Stringer Terry, MS MS
Chase Compton Louisiana-Lafayette Slidell, LA LA
Dylan Shoffner Louisville Elizabethtown, KY TN
Jake Hubbard Alabama Alabama Birmingham, AL AL
SETH LUCIO Tennessee Tech Tennessee Tech McDonough, GA TN
Steven Rice Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Crawfordsville, IN TN
Hayden Barnett LSU-Eunice Georgia Tech Houston, TX LA
Trevin Hall Troy Sneads, FL AL
Jo-el Bennett Troy Troy Midland City, AL AL
Taylor Byrd Nicholls State Petal, MS LA
Cameron Cochran South Alabama Gonzales, LA MS
Justin Camp Auburn Auburn Decatur, AL AL
Kida de la Cruz Miramar, FL TN
Dathan Prewitt Columbia, TN TN
Josh Peterson Tennessee Tennessee Elizabethtown, TN TN
Donte Albert Naranja, FL TN
Justin Stawychny Louisiana-Monroe Louisiana-Monroe Franklin Park, IL LA
Marc Frazier Nicholls State Nicholls State Newnan, GA LA
Nick Masonia Northwest Florida State College Troy Killen, AL AL
Kyle McKenzie Tulane Tulane Canton, MA LA
Jhon Peralta Cumberland Santo Domingo, DR TN
Tyler Mapes Tulane Tulane Plano, TX LA
John Lieske Illinois State Alabama-Birmingham Machesney Park, IL AL
Mike Bernal Arkansas El Paso, TX AR
Blake Stansberry Middle Tennessee State Knoxville, TN TN
Zac Fowler Jones County JC Jones County JC Daphne, AL AL
Vince Conde Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Oviedo, FL TN
Nick Howell Trevecca Nazarene Hendersonville, TN TN
Colton Hathcock Memphis Atoka, TN TN
Tyler Cameron Southern Arkansas Parkers Chapel, AR AR
Aaron Greenwood Mississippi Byhalia, MS MS
CHANDLER HAWKINS Arkansas State Arkansas State Memphis, TN AR
Jordan Romero Baton Rouge, LA LA
Chase Nyman Ole Miss Troy Pascagoula, MS MS
CODY WALKER Mississippi State Mississippi State Columbus, GA MS
Blake Austin Auburn Auburn Peachtree City, GA AL
Bret Marks Tennessee Tennessee Marietta, GA TN
Ethan Gross Memphis Mt. Juliet, TN TN
John Thomas Mauldin Louisiana State University-Eunice Baton Rouge, LA LA
Jordan Ebert Auburn Auburn Perdido, AL AL
Tristan Widra Samford Hoover, AL AL
Beauregard Brewer Smyrna, TN TN
TRENT MILLER Middle Tennessee State Middle Tennessee State Kansas City, MO TN
Andres Gracia Samford Samford Miami, FL AL
Wyatt Marks Louisiana-Lafayette Lafayette, LA LA
Lane Ratliff Purvis, y MS
Johnny Youngblood Meridian Tennessee Lexington, KY TN
Taylor Walker Southern Mississippi Murfreesboro, TN TN
Kade Scivicque Louisiana State Maurepas, LA LA
Scott Price Tennessee Batesburg, SC TN
Matt Evenson Phenix City, AL AL
Jordan Anderson Memphis, TN AL
Cameron Giannini Southern Mississippi Southern Mississippi Danville, VA MS
Trey Cochran-Gill Auburn Tallassee, AL AL
Luke Gibbs Mississippi Mississippi Oxford, MS MS
Tim Kiene Tennessee Wesleyan Tennessee Wesleyan South Windsor, CT TN
John Michael Knighton Troy Jasper, AL AL
Blake Anderson Southern Miss Collinsville, MS MS
Steven Sensley LSU Eunice JC LSU Eunice JC Baton Rouge, LA LA
Scooter Hightower Clarksville, TN TN
Cody Glenn LSU LSU Houston, TX LA
Brandon Zajac Middle Tennessee State Middle Tennessee State Cleveland, TN TN
Mac Seibert Meridian Meridian Pensacola, FL MS
Christian Talley Pearl River (Miss.) CC Southern Mississippi Diamondhead, MS MS
Taylor Nunez Southern Miss Southern Miss Slidell, LA MS
Ryan Milton Southern Mississippi Albany, LA MS
Caleb Wallingford Memphis Elkhorn, NE TN
Alex Hermeling Louisiana-Monroe Louisiana-Monroe Northbrook, IL LA
Jacob Toney Motlow State Motlow State South Pittsburgh, TN TN
Tom Dorminy Faulkner Tampa, FL AL
Tanner Rainey West Alabama Folsom, LA AL
Chad Reeves Delta State Monroe, LA LA
Brett Pirtle Mississippi State Tyler, TX MS
Zach Stephens Tennessee Tech Hixson, TN TN
Grant Zawadzki Bryan Shrewsbury, MA TN
Clay Moffitt Louisiana State University-Eunice Baton Rouge, LA LA
Chase Mallard Alabama-Birmingham Cullman, AL AL
James Fowlkes Soddy-Daisy, TN TN
Ryan Quick Austin Peay State Mt. Vernon, IL TN
Trevor Fitts Mississippi State Mississippi State Pelham, AL MS
Kyle Keller Southeastern Louisiana Southeastern Louisiana New Orleans, LA LA
Austen Smith Alabama Cantonment, FL AL
Jace Conrad Louisiana-Lafayette Louisiana-Lafayette Lafayette, LA LA
Trent Giambrone Jones County Jones County Metairie, LA MS
Dillon Ortman Auburn Huntsville, AL AL
Kevin Simmons West Alabama Selma, AL AL
John Holland Mississippi State John's Creek, GA AL
Tregra Williams Lawrenceville, GA AL
Peter Lenstrohm Tennessee Paradise Valley, AZ TN
Will Maddox Tennessee Gainesville, GA TN
Jared Martin South Carolina Dunwoody, GA AL
Caleb Adams Louisiana-Lafayette Texarkana, TX LA
Michael Gunn Arkansas Arkansas Wilson, AR AR
Dalton Herrington Louisiana-Monroe Homer, LA LA
Will Cox Mississippi State Amory, MS MS
Joel Atkinson Northwestern State San Clemente, CA LA
Trevor Kieboom Clemson Chattahoochee Valley Marietta, GA AL
Chase Slone Southern Illinois Kennesaw, GA TN
LeDarious Clark East Mississippi East Mississippi Meridian, MS MS
Cody Woodhouse Arkansas State Mountain Home, AR AR
Brett Martin Morristown, TN TN
Christian Ibarra Louisiana State Louisiana State West Covina, CA LA
Paul Young Mississippi State Mississippi State Milton, FL MS
P.J. Torres Austin Peay State Miami, FL TN
Andrew Mahoney Mississippi State Daphne, AL AL
Tyler Cox Lexington, KY MS
Steven Spann Northwestern State Whitewright, TX LA
Joe Broussard Louisiana State Gretna, LA LA
Dylan Bosheers Tennessee Tech Tennessee Tech Lawrenceburg, TN TN
Jeff Schalk UAB Alabama-Birmingham Wheaton, IL AL
Jacob Stone Weatherford (Texas) JC Arkansas Saginaw, TX AR
Aaron Quillen Kingsport, TN TN
TAYLOR BURCH Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Monroe, LA LA
Joe Serrano Pima CC Arkansas Tucson, AZ AR
Richard Amion Bethune-Cookman Alabama State Cutler Bay, FL AL
Taylor Cox Tennessee-Martin Memphis, TN TN
Tyler Fullerton Siegal, TN TN
Taylor Guilbeau Alabama Alabama Zachary, LA AL
Chris Eades Delgado Delgado Slidell, LA LA
Carlos Leal Delta State Delta State Guaynabo, PR MS
Brady Domangue Louisiana State Houma, LA LA
Wesley Roberson Memphis, TN TN
Seth Harrison Louisiana-Lafayette Houston, TX LA
Jake Wise Arkansas Arkansas Houston, TX AR
Rob Perteet Samford Tuscalosa, AL AL
Tanner Cable Northwest Mississippi Northwest Mississippi Hernando, MS MS
Preston Parrish Cordova, TN TN
DeMarcus Henderson Mississippi State Mississippi State Waynesboro, MS MS
Brett McAfee Panola JC Arkansas Longview, TX AR
Aaron Johnson Arkansas Tech Arkansas Tech Baton Rouge, LA AR
Tyler Filliben Samford Samford South Miami, FL AL
Bradley Wallace Arkansas State Rison, AR AR
Ryan Wilson Louisiana-Lafayette Owasso, OK LA
Braxton Lee Mississippi Picayune, MS MS
Sam Smith Mississippi Lake Charles, LA MS
Gregory Milhorn Louisiana-Lafayette Louisiana-Lafayette Texarkana, AR LA
Tyler Bray Louisiana-Monroe Vancleave, MS LA
Sam Few Augusta, GA TN
Michael Adkins Middle Tennessee State Middle Tennessee State Powder Springs, GA TN
Tyler Campbell No school Vanderbilt Portland, OR TN
Brady Puckett Lipscomb Murfreesboro, TN TN
Jaesung Hwang Lipscomb Lipscomb Cumming, GA TN
Tyler Lynn Auburn Chattahoochee Valley Phenix City, AL AL
Dalton Rentz Auburn Mobile, AL AL
Keelin Rasch Louisiana-Monroe Louisiana-Monroe Harrisburg, IL LA
Brian Miller Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Franklin, TN TN
Richard Gonzalez Alabama State Alabama State Caguas, PR AL
Kyle Pate Arkansas Fayetteville, AR AR
Jacob Moody Memphis Arlington, TN TN
Eric Fisher Arkansas Arkansas Spring, TX AR
James Paisley Cookeville, TN TN
Conor Fisk Southern Mississippi Southern Mississippi Brown Deer, WI MS
Alex Luna UAB Alabama-Birmingham Huntsville, AL AL
Kurt McCune Louisiana State Louisiana State Destrehan, LA LA
Ronnie Jebavy Middle Tennessee State Murfreesboro, TN TN
Andy Bowman Arlington, TN MS
David Owen Arkansas State Arkansas State Millington, TN AR
Nick Heath Northwestern State Northwestern State Junction City, KS LA
Thomas (T.J.) Renda Alabama State Orlando, FL AL
Kaleb Roper Arizona Kenner, LA LA
Kyle Wright Vanderbilt Huntsville, AL AL
B.J. White Opelika, AL AL
Blake Wiggins Arkansas Little Rock, AR AR
Matt Morgan Alabama Thorsby, AL AL
Hunter Tackett Auburn Heiskell, TN TN
Dale Burdick Mississippi State Spring Hill, TN TN
Keegan Curtis Louisiana-Monroe Mobile, AL AL