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2014 MLB Draft: California Region

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California is loaded this year with the potential 1.1 pick at the top. This isn't a final ranking but a good start to begin the regions. I've been writing and haven't really dug in to ranking them. That will come when I do my draft board but this is enough info to get the conversations going about these guys.

California Regional Map
California Regional Map

California has a little bit of everything so it helps to work on this region first to get a feel for the class. There is a little of everything here. Polished prep arms, power bats, solid college players, defensive wizards. California is very deep this year. This is not a final ranking but an approximate order and grade with information for you to get to know these guys a little. The finalized rankings will be done after I do all fourteen regions and will be available in my draft book. The top players will be on my draft board and available here as we get closer to the draft.

If you appreciate my work and want more of it now and in the future, support me by purchasing the 2014 MLB Draft Book. It will be available between May 19th and May 30th. The longer it takes, the more that will be in it. It's $4.99. PDF only. Last year it was 101 pages and will be larger this year with articles and information.

Sorry for the length of this but there are a lot of players worth mentioning here. If I missed anyone or don't have a player graded that should be, let me know. There is a lot of ground to cover here. I'm sure it's not perfect. There are some data errors here  (some players have moved, redshirt seasons, etc.) but I did as well as I could.

One other addition is an interactive map of about 100 of the top players. If you like it, let me know. I may expand it for next season to have 2015 and 2016 picks earlier in the year so you can follow players that are close to you but it's not free, so I may not. It depends what the response is. Enough ya go..

Name POS Level Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Brady Aiken P HS 40 70 Left Left 6'4" 205 8/16/96
Polished lefty has had velo spike this spring and with it is top 10 pick chatter. He has a good breaking ball and change. Both could be MLB average or better. I like the change better but some prefer the CB. Could be a front of the rotation starter.
Alex Jackson RF HS 40 70 Right Right 6'2" 210 12/25/95
Huge power, very good bat. Physically maxed. Defensive questions. Has seemed to have given up on catching. 3B is an option. RF likely but bat has MVP type potential.
Luis Ortiz P HS 40 60 Right Right 6'3" 220 9/22/95
A solid, durable righty with power stuff. His breaking ball can be elite and he has a 92-95 mph fastball. He is old for the draft but the polish is there. He could move quickly.
Bradley Zimmer CF JR 40 60 Left Right 6'5" 205 11/27/92
Simple swing that should lead to good average. Has good gap power and should develop some over the fence power. Plus speed should allow him to stay in center field. Really lean build.
Jacob Gatewood 3B HS 25 70 Right Right 6'5" 190 9/25/95
Long limbs generate enormous power potential. Average athlete who is likely to be a 3B. Swing is a concern. May not hit enough to use power. Boom or bust guy.
Josh Morgan SS HS 40 60 Right Right 5'11" 180 11/16/95
Excellent D at SS. Fun to watch on defense. Strong arm. Good athlete. Stays coiled and attacks the ball late. Good line drive swing. Solid hit tool.
Matt Chapman 3B JR 40 55 Right Right 6'1 195 4/28/93
Has big power but doesn't show it in games often. Good bat. Average defender at 3B with a rocket for an arm. Could be a pitcher as a fallback. Solid average college guy. Reminds me of Matt Davidson. Nothing flashy, just good.
Derek Hill CF HS 40 55 Right Right 6'2" 170 12/30/95
Very good hitter with solid gap power. Over the fence power could come in time but it won't be more than 12-15 HR power likely. Excellent defender in center field. Has great instincts and glides in CF.
Michael Cederoth P JR 40 55 Right Right 6'6" 195 11/25/92
Good velocity, downhill plane. Complex delivery may lead him to the pen. Huge arm and is essentially a one pitch guy now but slider shows promise and he can throw a change. Could be tried in the rotation. Could have a Kyle Farnsworth career.
Grant Hockin P HS 40 55 Right Right 6'3" 195 3/5/96
Pitchability guy at 88-90. More mid rotation kind of guy. Decent depth on slider, flashes plus. Solid control. Very good idea on the mound. Athletic. Harmon Killebrew's grand son. A guy I want to dream on and take early.
Marcus Wilson CF HS 30 60 Right Right 6'2" 175 8/15/96
Really good athelte but looks awkward at times. Has impressive tools. I look forward to seeing how good he will be when he adds more strength.  He has wheels, a big arm, good contact ability and could have plus power. Floats ahead during his swing. I'd like to see him get his front foot down quicker.
Sean Bouchard 3B HS 30 60 Right Right 6'3" 195 5/16/96
Easy power. High hands. Good loft. Throws weight forward. Solid prospect with tools and potential. Good defensive 3B. May have trouble early with off-speed.
DJ Peters RF HS 30 60 Right Right 6'6" 220 12/12/95
Big projection remaining. Swing works but doesn't have the impact I'd hope from a guy his size. Gap power right now but more in there. Tall, long swing. Sexson like strike zone.
Alex Blandino 3B JR 35 55 Right Right 6' 190 11/6/92
Sweet right handed swing stays in the zone a long time. Average or better power possible. Good arm, solid defensive actions at 3B but could be tried at 2B or in the OF. Could be better as a pro than in college meaning a potential .300/.400/.500 player.
Greg Allen LF JR 35 55 Both Right 6'1" 180 3/15/93
Fast, atheltic switch hitter. Really fast bat from the left side, not as good from the right. Some gap power and pop. Good approach. Contact swing. Really fast runner. Reminds me a bit of Ben Revere.
Wyatt Strahan P JR 35 55 Right Right 6'3" 190 4/18/93
Power arm up to 97. He really slings the ball and lacks command because of it. Excellent hard breaking ball. Surprisingly good change. Could have three average or better pitches. Big potential here if it all comes together. If not he's a bullpen arm.
Mitch Hart P HS 35 55 Right Right 6'4" 190 8/17/96
Control beyond his years and young for the draft. Low 90's velocity. Easy delivery. Projectable. Change is an asset now. Breaking ball is inconsistent and lags behind change but could be above average.
Jack Flaherty 3B HS 30 55 Right Right 6'4" 205 10/15/95
One of the better athletes in the class. Can really run. All the tools but performance was underwhelming in my viewings. Long swing. Big power potential. Now looks like a better pitching prospect, hitting low 90's now with improving secondaries. Easy delivery, good arm action. Has pitched for years, just that offensive tools looked too good to pass on.
Jacob Nix P HS 30 55 Right Right 6'4" 205
Easy delivery and a fast arm. Works 88-91 and touches 93. Slow breaking ball needs work. Slow delivery and fast arm don't work well for current breaking ball or change. Has projection. Could really jump up in 3 years if he makes it to school.
Trenton Kemp CF HS 30 55 Right Right 6'2" 190 9/30/95
Big stride. Long levers and high waist. Good contact ability when he shortens up. Solid power when he extends. Reallyood athlete and should be able to handle CF. Football player.
Tylor Megill P HS 30 55 Right Right 6'7" 220 7/28/95
Easy delivery from a huge body. Long and gangly can cause repeating issues but he has good current stuff at 90-92 with more in there. Breaking ball flashes good but very inconsistent. Could really jump up in the next couple years.
A.J. Vanegas P SR 30 55 Right Right 6'3" 205 8/16/92
Inconsistent in the past. Minimailly used in the last couple years. He can hit 97 but has control issues. He has a plus slider on occasion. I haven't seen him this year but the numbers show better command. He's a gamble on a big arm. Senior sign. Could pay off as a bullpen arm.
Scott Hurst CF HS 30 55 Left Right 6'1" 175 3/25/96
High energy guy loaded with tools. Big speed, near elite arm and ability to play center field. Has a line drive swing with excellent contact ability. Not a power guy but very well rounded player.
Kevin Padlo 3B HS 30 55 Right Right 6'2" 195 7/15/96
Not on my radar until this spring. Impressive build. Good swing. Shows power. Good arm but not great. High effort player. All out all the time. I root for that so I'm a fan of him.
Matt Imhof P JR 35 50 Left Left 6'5" 230 10/26/93
Fairly new to the mound and young for this college class. Can hit up to 95 but it's straight. Change has shown some movement and his slider is his best secondary pitch. I see the ball really well out of his hand. I am lower on him than most if not all.
J.D. Davis 1B JR 35 50 Right Right 6'2" 235 4/27/93
Big power. On the mound and at the plate. Improve approach at the plate this year. Could work out in RF but may end up at 1B. Bat really needs to play up. I've seen him good and bad. I like him but he may be a guy I am biased towards.
Austin Slater 3B JR 35 50 Right Right 6'2" 205 12/13/92
Excellent athelte. Controlled swing that leads to a lot of contact. Not much power no but I think he has it in him. Under the radar player that could be much more valuable than the pick it will take to get him.
Jordan Brink P JR 30 50 Left Right 6'1" 180 3/18/93
Mid 90's velocity from a high effort delivery and unusual delivery suggest future in the bullpen. Inconsistent breaking ball but there is potential for it to be a strikeout pitch. Could be an impact reliever.
Jordan Luplow LF JR 30 50 Right Right 6'1" 190 9/26/93
Toolsy player that seems to have had things click this spring. Really solid potential. Good speed. Will be an asset at the plate and in the field.
Austin Davis P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'4" 235 2/3/93
Solid mid-rotation arm with potential to be an innings eating workhorse with three solid pitches and maybe 4.
Nigel Nootbaar P JR 30 50 Both Right 6'1" 185 3/24/93
Very good arm. Mid 90's fastball with a solid breaking ball. Mostly a two pitched pitcher but could develop a change. He does throw two variations of his breaking ball. I bet he's going to be a reliever where his stuff could play up.
Shane Mardirosian OF HS 30 50 Left Right 5'10" 175 10/13/95
Excellent bat speed. Impressive contact ability. Should be a solid defensive second baseman with his footspeed, range and lack of arm. His defensive ability could allow him to play SS but the arm won't.
Patrick Weigel P SO 30 50 Right Right 6'6" 200 7/8/94
Huge arm up to 97 but unrepeatable mechanics cause command issues. Will be taken for arm strength as a project.
Trevor Megill P JR 30 50 Left Right 6'7" 230 12/5/93
Big, long limbed righty with some command issues due to his size. Has a four pitch mix with an 88-91 MPH fastball. Interesting talent. I've never seen him pitch.
Joe Gillette 3B HS 30 50 Right Right 6'3" 190 12/15/95
fast bat, swing is long but explodes through the zone.
Bryce Dyrda P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'1" 185 8/13/96
Works 88-91 with good sink. Tops out at 93. Works low and away well. Hard wrist wrap on upper 70's breaking ball that has good downer action.
Blake Billinger 1B HS 30 50 Right Right 6'4" 225 2/6/96
Ball jumps off the bat. Power potential.
Jonathan Teaney P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'2" 175 1/28/96
Low 90's fastball from a unique fairly highe effort delivery. Repeats it well and is athletic. Really good breaking ball. Hard late break in the low 80's.
Tim Susnara C HS 40 45 Left Right 6'1" 195 4/17/96
Excellent defensive catcher. May not hit a ton but is a safe bet to have success just because of his defensive ability.
Wayne Taylor C JR 40 45 Left Right 6'1" 205 11/4/92
Excellent defender. Not much of a hitter but defense should get him far.
Aaron Brown P JR 35 45 Left Left 6'2" 215 6/20/92
A solid hitting corner outfielder without the needed power. Decent pitcher without dominant stuff. He's a tweener each way.
Connor Joe SS JR 35 45 Right Right 5'11" 185 8/16/92
Interesting player who plays both catcher and short stop. He's fairly new to behind the dish. Line drive swing. Solid athelte but not enough tools to be an impact player.
Bryson Brigman SS HS 25 50 Right Right 5'10" 175 6/19/95
Solid all around player with good tools. Raw enough that teams will likely rather see him go to school than take him high enough to get away from school.
Taylor Sparks 3B JR 30 45 Right Right 6'3" 205 4/3/93
While many will say he has solid bat speed with power potential but I feel that he's a lock for the OF and will swing and miss too much to ever get an impact out of his power to be a regular.
Luke Dykstra RF HS 30 45 Right Right 6'1" 190 11/7/95
Solid player all around. Ball jumps off the bat. He seems to have timing issues so I'm not a firm believer in the bat. He is Lenny's son.
Rhys Hoskins LF JR 30 45 Right Right 6'4" 225
Parker Robinson P HS 30 45 Right Right 6'5" 230 8/16/95
Big, long armed pitcher. Gets a lot out of his lower half. Sits 90-92. Breaking ball is slurvy. May be better after a collegiate career.
Derick Velazquez P JR 30 45 Right Right 6'3" 180 11/28/93
Dominic Jose LF JR 30 45 Both Right 6'3" 195 3/16/93
Athletic corner outfielder. Played minimally in three years at Stanford. Has tools but has yet to actualize into game results. Interesting late round guy with higher potential.
Dominique Key P HS 30 45 Right Right 6'1" 190
Denz'l Chapman CF HS 30 45 Both Right 5'10" 185 12/21/95
Jackson McClelland P SO 30 45 Right Right 6'6" 220 7/19/94
Louie Lechich OF SR 30 45 Left Left 6'4" 200 11/19/91
Good senior sign.
Spenser Linney P JR 30 45 Left Left 6'4" 180 1/30/93
Quick arm. Good low 90's fastball. Excellent breaking ball.
Brendan Hendriks 1B JR Left Right 6'3" 186 4/12/93
Cameron Bishop 1B HS Left Left 6'4" 210
Connor Spencer 1B JR Left Right 6'2" 210 1/22/93
Danny Diekroger 1B SR Left Right 6'1" 190
Devon Rodriguez 1B SR Left Right 6'2" 210 10/13/91
Francisco Tellez 1B SO Left Left 6'1" 175 6/5/92
Greg Mahle 1B JR Left Left 6'3" 230 4/17/93
Ino Patron 1B SR Left Left 5'11" 200
Jacob Hill 1B J2 Left Left 6'2" 210
Joe Duffin 1B J1 Right Right 6'1" 205 4/27/94
Nkosi Djehuti-Mes 1B HS Right Right 6'2" 230
Richard Prigatano 1B JR Right Right 6'4" 215 9/24/92
Tyler Kuresa 1B SR Left Left 6'3" 190 11/17/92
Brandon Hunley 2B HS Right Right 6'1" 185
Brett Doran 2B SR Right Right 6'2" 192 3/5/92
Dante Flores 2B JR Left Right 5'11" 160 4/8/93
DAVID EDWARDS 2B JR Both Right 6'1" 185
Elijah Skipps 2B HS Both Right 6'3" 220 5/28/96
Joe Chavez 2B JR Right Right 5'11" 175 6/26/93
Jordan Farris 2B J2 Right Right 6'3" 200
Kevin Williams 2B HS Right Right 6'1" 185 1/2/92
Mikey Diekroeger 2B HS Left Right 6'2" 195 9/22/95
Nick Valaika 2B HS Right Right 6'1" 180
Tino Lipson 2B JR Both Right 5'10" 160 2/25/92
Austin Davidson 3B JR Left Right 6' 180 1/3/93
Chris Keck 3B JR Left Right 6'2" 180 9/2/92
Cole Young 3B HS Right Right 6'2" 200
David Hensley 3B HS Right Right 6'5" 180
Jack Labosky 3B HS Right Right 6'3" 205 7/19/96
Jimmy Allen 3B SR Right Right 5'10" 180 1/4/92
Jordan Pearce 3B HS Left Right 6'1" 200 6/14/96
Josh Pigg 3B J2 Left Right 6'1" 175 11/9/93
Julian Barzilli 3B SR Right Right 5'11" 175 11/16/90
Kevin Kramer 3B JR Left Right 6'1" 195 10/3/93
Kevin Swick 3B SR Right Right 6'1" 195
McCarthy Tatum 3B HS Right Right 6'4" 180
Michael Hill 3B SR Left Right 6'2" 190 1/29/92
Nick Lynch 3B JR Right Right 6'1" 195 2/23/92
Nick Vilter 3B JR Right Right 6'3" 195 10/6/93
Nyles Nygaard 3B HS Right Right 6'1" 185
Riley Adams 3B HS Right Right 6'4" 185
Albee Weiss C HS Right Right 6'1" 215 9/20/95
Brad Haynal C JR Right Right 6'3" 200 8/21/91
Chad Kaalehaki C J2 Right Right 6'1" 210 4/12/93
Chris Rabago C JR Both Right 5'11" 175 4/22/93
David Banuelos C HS Right Right 6'1" 175 10/1/96
David Schuknecht C J3 Left Right 6'2" 195 6/20/93
Jake Hernandez C SR Right Right 6'1" 210 6/5/92
Nathan Rodriguez C HS Right Right 5'11" 200
Paddy O'Brien C J1 Right Right 6'4" 220 10/7/93
Shane Zeile C JR Right Right 6'1" 190 6/14/93
Thomas Rowan C HS 6'2" 210
Tommy Pincin C HS Right Right 6'1" 200 10/4/95
Aaron Knapp OF FR Left Right 5'10" 160 11/3/94
Alex Turner OF J1 Left Right 5'11" 180
Anthony Hawkins OF J2 Right Right 5'10" 220 10/12/93
Armett Johnson OF HS Right Right 6'2" 200
Austin Diemer OF JR Right Right 6'1" 180 4/28/93
Ben Polshuk OF HS Right Right 6'4" 185
Brian Carroll OF SR Right Right 5'10" 170 12/31/91
Brock Lundquist OF HS Left Right 5'11" 190
Cade Gotta OF SR Right Right 6'2" 190
Casey Soltis OF HS Left Left 6'1" 190 6/8/95
Chris Akmon OF J2 Right Right 6'4" 190 9/25/93
Chris Carlson OF SR Left Left 6'3" 195 4/29/91
Christoph Bono OF SO Left Right 6'1" 175
Clay Williamson OF JR Left Right 6'2" 200 6/1/93
Coltin Gerhart OF HS Right Right 6'1" 200
Dalton Blaser OF J2 Left Left 6'1" 180 1/31/94
David Andriese OF SR Left Right 6'2" 210 3/2/91
David Armendariz OF SR Both Right 6'1" 192 8/22/91
David Oppenheim OF J2 Left Right 6'1" 195
Eric Filia-Snyder OF JR Left Left 6' 180 7/6/92
Greg Harisis OF SR Right Right 6'1" 180 2/4/92
James Garcia OF HS Right Right 5'10" 160
Jared James OF J2 Left Right 6'1" 185
Joey Epperson OF SR Right Right 6'2" 210 2/17/91
Jordan Qsar OF HS Left Right 6'3" 185
Josh Miguel OF J2 Right Right 5/10 175 4/13/93
Kevin Barker OF JR Right Right 6'1" 200 6/22/93
Nathaniel Alam OF HS Both Right 5'11" 175 12/14/95
Nick Torres OF JR Right Right 6'1" 210 6/30/93
Omar Cotto OF SR Both Right 5'11" 180 2/28/92
Patrick Mulry OF J2 Left Left 6'3" 200
Abe Bobb P SR Right Right 6'2" 180 11/4/90
Adam McCreery P JR Left Left 6'8" 220 12/31/92
Alec Kenilvort P J2 Right Right 6'6" 235 1/7/93
Alex Lott P J2 Right Right 6'5" 245
Alex Palsha P JR Right Right 6'1" 190 5/10/92
Allan Winans P J1 Right Right 6'2" 165
Andrew Morales P SR Right Right 6'1" 185 1/16/93
Andrew Rohrbach P SO Right Right 6'3" 190
Andrew Vasquez P JR Both Left 6'5" 210 9/14/93
Angel Rodriguez P J2 Right Right 6'2" 170
Antonio Gonzales P JR Left Left 6'2" 185 5/27/93
Austin Kamel P J2 Left Left 6'7" 225
Austin Pettibone P JR Right Right 6'4" 215 9/10/92
Austyn Willis P HS Right Right 6'5" 205
Ben Krauth P J2 Left Left 6'1" 175
Bobby Wheatley P SR Left Left 6'4" 205 2/4/92
Brad Wegman P HS Right Right 6'3" 190 4/21/96
Brandon Show P JR Right Right 6'2" 180 10/31/92
Bret Dahlson P SR Right Right 6'1" 190 8/19/91
Brett Solano P J2 Right Right 6'2" 185
Bryan Granger P JR Left Right 6'2" 200 3/11/93
Cal Becker P SO Right Right 6'1" 185 6/9/93
Caleb Dirks P JR Right Right 6'3" 220
Cameron Avila-Leeper P HS Left Left 5'11" 150
Cameron Pongs P JR Left Left 6'4" 210
Charlie Vorsheck P HS Right Right 6'4" 195
Christian Cecilio P JR Left Left 6'2" 195 2/2/93
Cole Hallum P J2 Right Right 6'2" 195 6/26/92
Colin Welmon P JR Left Right 6'3" 190 8/7/92
Collin Ferguson P SO Left Left 6'3" 215
Corey Miller P SR Right Right 6'3" 200 11/13/91
David Berg P JR Right Right 6'1" 195 3/28/93
David Hill P J2 Right Right 6'3" 233 5/27/94
David Schmidt P JR Right Right 6' 170 1/21/93
Doug Brannvall P J2 Right Right 6'2" 220
Eric Karch P SR Right Right 6'2" 205 10/15/91
Gabriel Hemmer P SR Right Right 6'3" 220
Garrett King P SR Both Right 6'3" 180
Garrett Mundell P JR Right Right 6'6" 230 2/16/93
Grahamm Wiest P JR Right Right 6'3" 200 8/9/91
Grant Fennell P HS Right Right 6'1" 195 10/12/95
Grant Watson P JR Left Left 6' 160 7/2/93
Griffin Canning P HS Right Right 6'1" 160 5/11/96
Harry Stanwyck P SR Both Right 6'7" 230 5/9/92
Jacob Ehret P SO Right Right 6'3" 200 3/18/93
Jacob Smigelski P JR Right Right 6'3" 200 6/20/92
Jake Bird P HS Right Right 6'4" 190
Jake Stassi P SR Left Left 6'1" 200 7/6/92
James Carter P JR Right Right 6'3" 185
Jared Robinson P J2 Right Right 6'1" 190 11/20/94
Jeff Bain P HS Right Right 6'4" 215
Jeffrey Bain P SR Right Right 6'4" 215 3/3/96
Jerry Keel P JR Left Left 6'6" 280 9/26/93
John Gavin P HS Right Left 6'5" 240 10/10/95
John Hochstatter P JR Right Left 6'4" 200 4/1/93
Jordan Desquin P J2 Both Right 6'1" 185 10/30/93
Jordan Johnson P SO Right Right 6'3" 175 9/15/93
Josh Frye P SR Right Right 6'7" 210
Keaton Leach P J2 Right Right 6'3" 175 4/14/95
Keegan Yuhl P SR Right Right 6'1" 235 1/23/92
Kevin Gelinas P JR Left Left 6'5" 230 5/31/89
KEVIN SPRAGUE P JR Left Left 6'4" 190 11/2/92
Koby Gauna P JR Right Right 6'3" 220 9/10/93
KYLE FERRAMOLA P JR Right Right 6'3" 215 8/14/92
Kyle Porter P SR Left Left 6'3" 190 6/1/92
Lee Casas P JR Right Right 6'7" 240 12/17/91
Lucas Long P JR Right Right 6'1" 175 10/7/92
LUKE EUBANK P J2 Right Right 6'1" 180 2/24/94
Mason Perryman P HS Right Right 6'5" 185
Matt Esparza P J2 Left Right 6'2" 180
Matt Trask P HS Right Right 6'3" 215 10/13/95
Matt Valencia P J2 Left Left 6'1" 210
Matt Young P J1 Right Right 6'4" 220 1/3/95
Michael Bono P HS Right Right 6'1" 176
MICHAEL COATES P SR Right Right 6'4" 210 10/12/92
Michael Peterson P SO Left Right 6'6" 190 5/16/94
MICHAEL SILVA P SO Right Right 6'1" 190 11/22/94
Mike Theofanopoulos P SR Left Left 6'1" 185
Nat Hamby P J2 Right Right 6'4" 225
Nate Berumen P J2 Right Right 6'3" 190
Nathan Hadley P HS Right Right 6'1" 175
Nick Przybylek P J1 Right Right 6'3" 185
Nick Sabo P Jr. Right Left 6'5" 210 6/14/93
Quinn Brodey P HS Left Left 6'1" 195 12/1/95
Reece Karalus P SO Right Right 6'3" 235 6/14/94
Reed Reilly P JR Left Right 6'4" 220 1/5/92
Ryan Clark P SO Right Right 6'1" 180 11/30/93
Ryan Hartman P J2 Left Left 6'2" 185
Ryan Mason P SO Right Right 6'6" 210
Ryan Strufing P JR Left Left 6'2" 200
Sam Held P J2 Right Right 6'4" 195
Shay Maltese P Sr. Right Right 6'2" 200
Stephen Kane P J2 Right Right 6'4" 205 5/28/93
Stetson Woods P HS Right Right 6'9" 210 1/15/95
Tanner Kiest P J2 Right Right 6'3" 195 9/16/94
Thomas Peterson P J2 Right Right 6'6" 190 5/16/94
Trevor Oaks P SO Right Right 6'3" 220
Trey Ferketic P J2 Right Right 6'1" 180
Tyler Deason P HS Right Right 6'4" 210 7/22/95
Tyler Gilbert P JR Left Left 6'3" 190
Tyler Leslie P J2 Right Right 6'2" 190 10/27/92
Tyler Schimpf P HS Right Right 6'5" 170
Willie Kuhl P JR Left Right 6'3" 185 11/22/92
Zach Hedges P JR Right Right 6'4" 175
Zach Wilkins P J2 Right Right 6'3" 205 6/23/93
Zack Varela P JR Right Right 6'2" 205 8/19/92
Andrew Daniel SS JR Right Right 6'2" 195 1/27/93
Austin Bailey SS JR Both Right 5'11" 160 7/7/92
Brian Schales SS HS Right Right 6'1" 180
Chris Mariscal SS JR Right Right 5'10" 170 4/26/93
Derek Campbell SS SR Right Right 6' 170 6/28/91
Gabriel Llanes SS HS Right Right 6'3" 190
Grant Palmer SS JR Right Right 5'11" 167
James Garcia SS HS Right Right 6'2" 185
Jesse Kuet SS HS Right Right 5'10" 175 2/28/96
Jose Haros SS J1 Right Right 6'3" 190 12/26/94
Matt Glomb SS RS-SO Right Right 6'1" 160 3/14/93
Matt McLaughlin SS HS Right Right 6'1" 185
Nick King SS J2 Right Right 6'1" 180
Nick Rodriguez SS HS Right Right 6'3" 170
Ryan Day SS HS Right Right 6'1" 165 7/4/96
Stephen Dubb SS HS Right Right 6'1" 170
Steven Pallares SS JR Right Right 6'1" 160 4/26/93
Tristan Hildebrandt SS HS Right Right 5'10" 170 5/27/96
Tyler Strawn SS J2 Left Right 6'4" 180
Tynan Holmstrom SS HS Right Right 6'2" 195

Name College team College Commitment Hometown
Brady Aiken UCLA Cardiff by the Sea, CA
Alex Jackson Oregon Escondido, CA
Luis Ortiz Fresno State Fresno, CA
Bradley Zimmer San Francisco San Francisco La Jolla, CA
Jacob Gatewood Southern California Clovis, CA
Josh Morgan UCLA Corona, CA
Matt Chapman Cal State Fullerton Cal State Fullerton Trabuco Canyon, CA
Derek Hill Oregon Sacramento, CA
Michael Cederoth San Diego State San Diego State Spring Valley, CA
Grant Hockin UCLA Pomona, CA
Marcus Wilson Arizona State Los Angeles, CA
Sean Bouchard UCLA San Diego, CA
DJ Peters Cal State Fullerton Glendora, CA
Alex Blandino Stanford Stanford Palo Alto, CA
Greg Allen San Diego State San Diego State Chula Vista, CA
Wyatt Strahan Southern California Southern California Villa Park, CA
Mitch Hart Southern California Granite Bay, CA
Jack Flaherty North Carolina Burbank, CA
Jacob Nix UCLA Los Alamitos, CA
Trenton Kemp Fresno State Clovis, CA
Tylor Megill Loyola Marymount Seal Beach, CA
A.J. Vanegas Stanford Stanford Alameda, CA
Scott Hurst Cal State Fullerton Glendora, CA
Kevin Padlo San Diego Murrieta, CA
Matt Imhof Cal Poly Cal Poly Fremont, CA
J.D. Davis Cal State Fullerton Cal State Fullerton Elk Grove, CA
Austin Slater Stanford Stanford Jacksonville, FL
Jordan Brink Fresno State Fresno State Fresno, CA
Jordan Luplow Fresno State Fresno State Clovis, CA
Austin Davis Cal State Bakersfield Cal State Bakersfield Spring, TX
Nigel Nootbaar USC USC El Segundo, CA
Shane Mardirosian UC Santa Barbara Riverside, CA
Patrick Weigel Oxnard (Calif.) Oxnard (Calif.) Camarillo, CA
Trevor Megill Loyola-Marymount Loyola-Marymount Huuntington Beach, CA
Joe Gillette Oregon State Scotts Valley, CA
Bryce Dyrda Southern California Oakdale, CA
Blake Billinger Florida International Los Gatos, CA
Jonathan Teaney San Diego Palmdale, CA
Tim Susnara Oregon Redwood City, CA
Wayne Taylor Stanford Stanford Houston, TX
Aaron Brown Pepperdine Pepperdine West Hills, CA
Connor Joe San Diego San Diego Poway, CA
Bryson Brigman San Diego San Jose, CA
Taylor Sparks UC-Irvine UC-Irvine Bellflower, CA
Luke Dykstra Fresno State Thousand Oaks, CA
Rhys Hoskins Cal State Sacramento Cal State Sacramento Sacramento, CA
Parker Robinson Texas Coto de Caza, CA
Derick Velazquez Fresno State Fresno State Los Banos, CA
Dominic Jose Stanford Stanford Lake Worth, FL
Dominique Key San Diego, CA
Denz'l Chapman San Diego State Los Angeles, CA
Jackson McClelland Pepperdine Pepperdine Virginia Beach, VA
Louie Lechich San Diego San Diego Stockton, CA
Spenser Linney Stanford Stanford Alameda, CA
Brendan Hendriks San Francisco San Francisco Cochrane, AB
Cameron Bishop UC Irvine Brea, CA
Connor Spencer UC Irvine UC Irvine Trabuco Canyon, CA
Danny Diekroger Stanford Menlo, CA
Devon Rodriguez California Newhall, CA
Francisco Tellez UC Riverside El Cajon, CA
Greg Mahle UC Santa Barbara Westminster, CA
Ino Patron Long Beach State Livermore, CA
Jacob Hill San Diego Orange, CA
Joe Duffin Santa Ana, CA
Nkosi Djehuti-Mes Oakland, CA
Richard Prigatano Long Beach State Long Beach State Mountain View, CA
Tyler Kuresa UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Barbara Roseville, CA
Brandon Hunley Sacramento State Sacramento, CA
Brett Doran Stanford Stanford Milford, CT
Dante Flores USC USC Norwalk, CA
DAVID EDWARDS Loyola Marymount Loyola Marymount Tustin, CA
Elijah Skipps Arizona Cypress, CA
Joe Chavez UC Riverside La Verne, CA
Jordan Farris Ventura, CA
Kevin Williams Kansas St. Miramar, FL
Mikey Diekroeger Stanford Woodside, CA
Nick Valaika UCLA Valencia, CA
Tino Lipson UC Davis UC Davis El Cerrito, CA
Austin Davidson Pepperdine Pepperdine Oxnard, CA
Chris Keck UCLA UCLA Pleasanton, CA
Cole Young Southern California corona, CA
David Hensley San Diego, CA
Jack Labosky Duke Clovis, CA
Jimmy Allen Cal Poly Cal Poly Vista, CA
Jordan Pearce Nevada Oceanside, CA
Josh Pigg Cosumnes River Hawaii Elk Grove, CA
Julian Barzilli Whittier Palisades, CA
Kevin Kramer UCLA UCLA Turlock, CA
Kevin Swick Southern California La Canada, CA
McCarthy Tatum Fresno State Clovis, CA
Michael Hill Long Beach State Orange, CA
Nick Lynch UC Davis Burlingame, CA
Nick Vilter UC Riverside Long Beach, CA
Nyles Nygaard Washington Torrance, CA
Riley Adams San Diego San Diego, CA
Albee Weiss Cal State Northridge Oak Park, CA
Brad Haynal San Diego State San Diego State San Diego, CA
Chad Kaalehaki Ewa Beach, HI
Chris Rabago UC-Irvine UC-Irvine Riverside, CA
David Banuelos Long Beach State Ontario, CA
David Schuknecht Arizona UC Santa Barbara Palm Desert, CA
Jake Hernandez Southern California Southern California Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Nathan Rodriguez Arkansas Yorba Linda, CA
Paddy O'Brien Orinda, CA
Shane Zeile UCLA UCLA Valencia, CA
Thomas Rowan Santa Ynez, CA
Tommy Pincin San Diego State Upland, CA
Aaron Knapp California California Granite Bay, CA
Alex Turner Los Angeles, CA
Anthony Hawkins Fresno Fresno Fresno, CA
Armett Johnson Utah Lake View Terrace, CA
Austin Diemer Cal State Fullerton Cal State Fullerton Rocklin, CA
Ben Polshuk Cal Poly-SLO Clayton, CA
Brian Carroll UCLA UCLA El Cajon, CA
Brock Lundquist Long Beach State Fountain Valley, CA
Cade Gotta San Diego Christian San Diego Christian Solano Beach, CA
Casey Soltis Oregon Livermore, CA
Chris Akmon St. Mary's St. Mary's Scottsdale, AZ
Chris Carlson Cal Poly Pomona Cal Poly Pomona Chino, CA
Christoph Bono UCLA Palo Alto, CA
Clay Williamson Cal State Fullerton San Juan Capistrano, CA
Coltin Gerhart Arizona State Norco, CA
Dalton Blaser Sierra Sierra Roseville, CA
David Andriese UC Riverside Redlands, CA
David Armendariz Cal Poly Pomona Cal Poly Pomona Granada Hills, CA
David Oppenheim Mercer Island, WA
Eric Filia-Snyder UCLA UCLA Irvine, CA
Greg Harisis Santa Clara Yorba Linda, CA
James Garcia Lake Elsinore, CA
Jared James Sacramento, CA
Joey Epperson UC Santa Barbara Orinda, CA
Jordan Qsar Pepperdine El Cajon, CA
Josh Miguel Modesto, CA
Kevin Barker UC Davis San Francisco, CA
Nathaniel Alam Placentia, CA
Nick Torres Cal Poly Cal Poly Lakewood, CA
Omar Cotto USC USC San Juan, PR
Patrick Mulry Escalon, CA
Abe Bobb San Francisco Denver, CO
Adam McCreery Azuza Pacific Azuza Pacific La Verne, CA
Alec Kenilvort San Anselmo, CA
Alex Lott Nevada Lodi, CA
Alex Palsha Cal State Sacramento Cal State Sacramento Danville, CA
Allan Winans Bakersfield, CA
Andrew Morales UC Irvine West Covina, CA
Andrew Rohrbach Long Beach State Valencia, CA
Andrew Vasquez UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Barbara Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Angel Rodriguez Chatsworth, CA
Antonio Gonzales UC Riverside UC Riverside La Verne, CA
Austin Kamel Brigham Young Malibu, CA
Austin Pettibone UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Barbara Anaheim, CA
Austyn Willis UC Santa Barbara Barstow, CA
Ben Krauth Walnut Creek, CA
Bobby Wheatley Southern California Southern California Villa Park, CA
Brad Wegman Southern California Temecula, CA
Brandon Show San Diego Las Vegas, NV
Bret Dahlson Loyola Marymount Loyola Marymount Yorba Linda, CA
Brett Solano Campbell, CA
Bryan Granger Cal Poly Hollister, CA
Cal Becker Riverside Riverside Larkspur, CA
Caleb Dirks Cal Baptist Riverside, CA
Cameron Avila-Leeper Arizona Sacramento, CA
Cameron Pongs Long Beach State Chino Hills, CA
Charlie Vorsheck Notre Dame Laguna Hills, CA
Christian Cecilio San Francisco San Jose, CA
Cole Hallum Bakersfield, CA
Colin Welmon Loyola-Marymount Loyola-Marymount Tustin, CA
Collin Ferguson St. Mary St. Mary's Santa Cruz, CA
Corey Miller Pepperdine Pepperdine Laguna Niguel, CA
David Berg UCLA UCLA Covina, CA
David Hill Orange Coast Long Beach State Orange, CA
David Schmidt Stanford Stanford St. Louis, MO
Doug Brannvall El Cajon, CA
Eric Karch Pepperdine Fresno, CA
Gabriel Hemmer San Diego Christian Yuma, AZ
Garrett King Nebraska Orange, CA
Garrett Mundell Fresno State Fresno State Lake Forest, CA
Grahamm Wiest Cal State Fullerton Orange, CA
Grant Fennell Nevada San Diego, CA
Grant Watson UCLA UCLA Bakersfield, CA
Griffin Canning UCLA Coto De Caza, CA
Harry Stanwyck UC Davis Castro Valley, CA
Jacob Ehret UCLA San Dimas, CA
Jacob Smigelski UC Riverside UC Riverside Glendora, CA
Jake Bird UCLA Valencia, CA
Jake Stassi Long Beach State Yuba City, CA
James Carter Chabot (Calif.) UC Santa Barbara Danville, CA
Jared Robinson West Covina, CA
Jeff Bain California Pasadena, CA
Jeffrey Bain California San Marino, CA
Jerry Keel Cal State Northridge Palmdale, CA
John Gavin Cal State Fullerton San Jose, CA
John Hochstatter Stanford Stanford Danville, CA
Jordan Desquin Florida Gulf Coast Newport Beach, CA
Jordan Johnson Cal State Northridge Cal State Northridge Elk Grove, CA
Josh Frye Long Beach State Long Beach, CA
Keaton Leach Glendale Glendale South Pasadena, CA
Keegan Yuhl Concordia Poway, CA
Kevin Gelinas UCSB UCSB Thousand Oaks, CA
KEVIN SPRAGUE UC Riverside UC Riverside Chino Hills, CA
Koby Gauna Cal State Fullerton Cal State Fullerton Torrance, CA
KYLE FERRAMOLA Cal State Northridge Cal State Northridge Los Alamitos, CA
Kyle Porter California California El Dorado Hills, CA
Lee Casas Southern California Ladera Ranch, CA
Lucas Long San Diego San Diego Academy of Holy Angels, MN
LUKE EUBANK Oxnard Hawaii Camarillo, CA
Mason Perryman Southern California Bakersfield, CA
Matt Esparza Redondo Beach, CA
Matt Trask UCLA Davis, CA
Matt Valencia Hawaii Escalon, CA
Matt Young Glendora, CA
Michael Bono Santa Clara Clovis, CA
MICHAEL COATES Cal State Northridge Cal State Northridge Thousand Oaks, CA
Michael Peterson West Valley West Valley Campbell, CA
MICHAEL SILVA Loyola Marymount Loyola Marymount Valencia, CA
Mike Theofanopoulos California California Pleasanton, CA
Nat Hamby UC Davis Soquel, CA
Nate Berumen Vacaville, CA
Nathan Hadley UCLA Los Angeles, CA
Nick Przybylek Riverside, CA
Nick Sabo Long Beach State Long Beach State Spring Valley, CA
Quinn Brodey Stanford Los Angeles, CA
Reece Karalus Santa Clara Santa Clara North Bend, WA
Reed Reilly Cal Poly Cal Poly Dana Point, CA
Ryan Clark UNC-Greensboro UNC-Greensboro Fresno, CA
Ryan Hartman Anaheim, CA
Ryan Mason California California Placerville, CA
Ryan Strufing Long Beach State Niwot, CO
Sam Held Nevada Stockton, CA
Shay Maltese Cal State Northridge Cal State Northridge Superior, CO
Stephen Kane Tennessee Peoria, AZ
Stetson Woods Fresno State Madera, CA
Tanner Kiest UC Riverside Chaffey Yucaipa, CA
Thomas Peterson West Valley Campbell, CA
Trevor Oaks California Baptist Riverside, CA
Tyler Deason Campbell, CA
Tyler Gilbert Santa Barbara (Calif.) Southern California San Lorenzo, CA
Tyler Leslie Riverside Riverside Helendale, CA
Tyler Schimpf Capital Christian Texas Citrus Heights, CA
Willie Kuhl Cal State Fullerton Cal State Fullerton Mission Viejo, CA
Zach Hedges Azusa Pacific Glendora, CA
Zach Wilkins Nevada San Diego, CA
Zack Varela UC Riverside Wildomar, CA
Andrew Daniel San Diego San Diego San Diego, CA
Austin Bailey San Diego San Diego Temecula, CA
Brian Schales Long Beach State Huntington Beach, CA
Chris Mariscal Fresno State Fresno State Clovis, CA
Derek Campbell California California Santa Ana, CA
Gabriel Llanes Fresno State Downey, CA
Grant Palmer Fresno State UC Irvine El Segundo, CA
James Garcia Cal State Northridge Chino, CA
Jesse Kuet Stanford Huntington Beach, CA
Jose Haros San Fernando, CA
Matt Glomb San Mateo San Mateo San Jose, CA
Matt McLaughlin Kansas San Jose, CA
Nick King Palm Springs, CA
Nick Rodriguez San Fernando, CA
Ryan Day Duke Phelan, CA
Stephen Dubb Southern California Pasadena, CA
Steven Pallares San Diego State San Diego State Corona, CA
Tristan Hildebrandt Cal State Fullerton Yorba Linda, CA
Tyler Strawn San Leandro, CA
Tynan Holmstrom Yavapai College Pasadena, CA