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Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: AL East Results

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Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

2013 Community Mock Draft Results

Baltimore Orioles
22) Ian Clarkin, LHP, California HS
37) Hunter Green, LHP, Kentucky HS
61) Cord Sandberg, OF, Florida HS
98) Jared King, OF, Kansas State
129) Zane Evans, C-RHP, Georgia Tech
COMMENT: Two exciting southpaw prep arms headline this group, followed by a high-upside power bat in Sandberg, though perhaps with a signability issue. King and Evans are solid college picks, King with a across-the-board skills and Evans featuring power. Overall I think the Orioles would be happy with this assuming Sandberg signs.

Boston Red Sox
7) Austin Meadows, OF, Georgia HS
45) Jason Hursh, RHP, Oklahoma State
81) Trey Michalczewski, 3B, Oklahoma HS
113) Jacob Hannemann, OF, BYU
COMMENT: Balanced between high school and college talent. Meadows is a future regular outfielder and potential all-star, while Michalczewski's switch-hitting power bat could be very nice at 81. Hannemann and Hursh both have upside but a caution flag on their college resumes, Hursh being a Tommy John survivor and the athletic Hannemann having lost considerable development time due to a Mormon mission.

New York Yankees
26) Jonathan Denney, C, Oklahoma HS
32) Riley Unroe, SS, Arizona HS
33) Aaron Blair, RHP, Marshall University
66) A.J. Puk, LHP, Iowa HS
103) Terry McClure, OF, Georgia HS
134) Drew Dosch, 3B, Youngstown State University
COMMENT: Lots of high school upside here. Denney has enormous power, Unroe is one of the best overall middle infielders available, and both Puk and McClure looked like first rounders nine months ago. If the latter pair are signable in these spots, this is an infusion of talent that would help the lower levels of the system immediately. Blair and Dosch are more polished college guys to provide some leavening.

Tampa Bay Rays
21) Nick Ciuffo, C, South Carolina HS
29) Hunter Dozier, SS, Stephen F. Austin State
60) Kent Emanuel, LHP, North Carolina
97) Brett Morales, RHP, Florida HS
128) Andy McGuire, 3B, Virginia HS
COMMENT: the Mock Rays hope that Ciuffo is better than the other prep catchers drafted by Tampa in recent years. Dozier's bat is powerful, and while Emanuel has limited upside, he shouldn't need long in the minors. Injuries have held McGuire back but if he's signable away from the University of Texas, he represents good value in that spot and seems like a Rays-type draft. Morales is the kind of live arm that the Rays can mold.

Toronto Blue Jays
10) Braden Shipley, RHP, University of Nevada
47) Austin Wilson, OF, Stanford University
83) Jordan Paroubeck, OF, California HS
115) Johneshwy Fargas, OF, Puerto Rico HS
COMMENT: This seems very Blue Jayesque to me. Shipley would be a possible steal at 10, and Wilson's tool set at 47 is a terrific value, assuming they can refine it. Toolsy Paroubeck is also a strong choice in the third round, while Fargas is considered signable, very athletic, and raw. This fits past Toronto patterns quite well with the focus on upside over safety.