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Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: AL Central Results

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Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland
Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland

Chicago White Sox
17) Sean Manaea, LHP, Indiana State
55) Chad Pinder, 3B, Virginia Tech
91) Tyler Skulina, RHP, Kent State University
123) Cody Bellinger, 1B, Arizona HS
COMMENT: If Manaea is healthy, he's a steal at 17. Pinder's glove and athleticism could get him to the majors quickly, though will he have the bat for third base? Skulina seems very much like a White Sox draft: big, throws hard, but inconsistent. Bellinger could develop into just about anything. Overall this has a White Sox feel to me, with much riding on Manaea's hip and shoulder.

Cleveland Indians
5) Colin Moran, 3B, North Carolina
79) Andrew Mitchell, RHP, Texas Christian
111) William Abreu, OF, Florida HS
COMMENT: Missing a pick can handicap a draft, but at least Moran won't need long in the minors. Mitchell has high-upside for a college reliever but his command can be troublesome. Abreu seems to get lost in the shuffle when high school hitters are discussed, but his track record and tools are solid and he could be a bargain choice.

Detroit Tigers
20) Tim Anderson, SS, East Central Mississippi CC
39) Alex Balog, RHP, San Francisco
58) Dustin Peterson, 3B, Arizona HS
94) Colby Suggs, RHP, Arkansas
126) Stephen Gonsalves, LHP, California HS
COMMENT: The shortage of shortstops this year could push Anderson into the middle of the first round so this makes sense. Balog and Suggs provide a quick-hit of college pitching for the farm system, while Peterson has one of the better high school bats in the class and slots well at 58. Gonsalves lost ground this spring and is probably not be signable in the fourth round. The Tigers would have to go really cheap in subsequent rounds to free up enough cash, and even that may not be enough if he's set on attending San Diego and improving his stock for the future.

Kansas City Royals
8) Hunter Renfroe, OF, Mississippi State
34) Eric Jagielo, 3B, Notre Dame
46) Ryan Eades, RHP, Louisiana State
82) Dylan Covey, RHP, University of San Diego
114) Drew Ward, 3B-1B, Oklahoma HS
COMMENT: The Mock Royals went all-in for power, with Renfroe and Jagielo having two of the most powerful bats available. Ward is a huge wild card who could be a home run champ or an A-ball Bust. Eades could be a mid-rotation guy, while the enigmatic Covey would make a good development project for the minor league pitching coaches.

Minnesota Twins
4) Kohl Stewart, RHP, Texas HS
43) Tyler O'Neill, C-INF-OF, Canada HS
78) Stuart Turner, C, University of Mississippi
110) Matt Boyd, LHP, Oregon State University
COMMENT: My plan here was to go for balance. Stewart had the best upside of any pitcher available outside of Appel and Gray. O'Neill's questionable position is an issue, but his bat looks outstanding to me and I don't mind just sticking him in an outfield corner if needed. Turner is a strong defender with an improved bat, and catching is a positional scarcity. Boyd is a college senior and frees up cash for Stewart and O'Neill if necessary, but his polish and performance could get him to the majors quickly and I don't think he's a stretch talent-wise in the fourth round.

So overall, I added a power prep arm, a power prep bat, and two polished college guys. Each pick makes logical sense, yet I wonder if I should have gone for more upside at 78 and 110. . .certainly some impact players were available.