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2013 MLB Draft: American League East Summary and Review

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Mike Yastrzemski
Mike Yastrzemski


Baltimore Orioles

1-22) Hunter Harvey, RHP, Bandys HS, Catawba, NC
1S-37) Josh Hart, OF, Parkview HS, Lilburn, GA
2-61) Chance Sisco, C, Temescal Canyon HS, Lake Elsinore, CA
3-98) Stephen Tarpley, LHP, Scottsdale CC
4-129) Jonah Heim, C, Amherst HS, NY
5-159) Travis Seabrooke, LHP, Crestwood HS, North Monaghan, ONT
Others of interest: 7) Drew Dosch, 3B, Youngstown State; 11) Steven Brault, LHP, Regis; 14) Mike Yastrzemski, OF, Vanderbilt; 18) Reed Reilly, RHP, Cal Poly

There was a general assumption among mock drafters that the Orioles might look towards college talent close to the majors, but that wasn't the case: this was all about upside, beginning with hard-throwing Harvey and line drive-hitting Hart. Sisco and Heim are athletic but raw types who could develop into regular catchers, or nothing. Tarpley can hit 93-94 MPH; Seabrooke is a cold-weather guy who is behind that but is highly projectable. Tarpley is an interesting case: he's got a load of talent, but is dogged by very persistent doubts about his makeup. The Orioles switched to polished college players in subsequent rounds, but the first five will make, or break, this class.

Boston Red Sox

1-7) Trey Ball, LHP, New Castle HS, Indiana
2-45) Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP, Seminole State JC OK
3-81) Jonathan Denney, C, Yukon HS, OK
4-113) Myles Smith, LHP, Lee University
5-143) Corey Littrell, LHP, Kentucky
Others of interest: 6) Jordon Austin, OF, Florida HS; 8) Forrestt Allday, OF, Central Arkansas; 13) Jordan Sheffield, RHP, Tennessee HS; 14) Jake Romanski, C, San Diego State; 16) Jalen Williams, RHP, Louisiana HS; 22) Ryan Boldt, OF, Minnesota HS

COMMENT: I like this one a lot: Ball is super-athletic and projectable and has more polish than is often assumed. Both Stankiewicz and Denney would have been first-round picks in some draft classes, so getting all three of these guys, assuming Denny will sign, is a coup. Smith throws quite hard; Littrell doesn't but has superior command. Cheap but interesting college picks in subsequent rounds will hopefully enable the money to work out at the top. In the old days, the Red Sox would have showered cash on guys like Sheffield, Williams, or Boldt. The new draft rules make that much more difficult, but even without the overslot options I think the Red Sox did well.

New York Yankees
1-26) Eric Jagielo, 3B, Notre Dame
1-32) Aaron Judge, OF, Fresno State
1-33) Ian Clarkin, LHP, Madison HS, San Diego, CA
2-66) Gosuke Katoh, 2B, Rancho Bernardo HS, CA
3-103) Michael O'Neill, OF, Michigan
4-134) Tyler Wade, SS, Murieta Valley HS, CA
5-164) David Palladino, RHP, Howard JC
Others of interest: 7) Nick Rumbelo, RHP; LSU; 8) Brandon Thomas, OF, Georgia Tech; 9) Connor Kendrick, LHP, Auburn; 26) Cal Quantrill, RHP, Canada HS.

Three picks at the top and I think they handled it well: a strong power college bat, a college outfielder with unusual upside (though also some risk), and one of the better high school arms available. After that I'm not sure what to think, not having a good feel for Katoh or Wade. O'Neill has good tools but is still erratic about using them despite a college background. As they often do, the Yankees drafted numerous potential relief arms from the college ranks, but the three guys at the top are the critical factors here.

Tampa Bay Rays
1-21) Nick Ciuffo, C, Lexington HS, SC
1-29) Ryne Stanek, RHP, Arkansas
2-60) Riley Unroe, SS, Desert Ridge HS, Mesa, AZ
3-97) Thomas Milone, OF, Masuk HS, Monroe, CT
4-128) Kean Wong, 2B, Waiakea HS, Hilo, HI
5-158) Johnny Field, 2B, Arizona
Others of interest: 7) Ty Young, 2B, Louisville; 8) Roel Ramirez, RHP, Texas HS; 11) Hunter Lockwood, OF, Weatherford JC; 18) Julian Ridings, OF, Western Carolina

Ciuffo has a balanced set of offensive and defensive skills and was widely-rumored to be on the Rays short list, so his selection was no surprise. It was a surprise that Stanek fell this far, but some teams were apparently worried about his mechanics and durability. Still, getting him at 29 is a good value. Unroe is a switch-hitter with speed, athleticism, excellent makeup, and is one of the youngest players in this class, not turning 18 until November. Milone draws wildly mixed reviews depending on who is doing the reviewing: some really love his tools, others are less sanguine. His cold-weather background might give him an unusual development curve. Wong is considered more advanced than his brother Kolten at the same age. Other than Stanek, this draft will take time to bear fruit.

Toronto Blue Jays

1-10) Phil Bickford, RHP, Oaks Christian HS, Westlake Village, CA
2-47) Clinton Hollon, RHP, Woodford County HS, Versailles, KY
3-83) Patrick Murphy, RHP, Hamilton HS, Chandler, AZ
4-115) Evan Smith, LHP, Montgomery HS, Semmes, AL
5-145) Daniel Lietz, LHP, Heartland CC IL
Others of interest: 6) Matt Boyd, LHP, Oregon State; 7) Conner Greene, RHP, California HS; 8) Kendall Graveman, RHP, Mississippi State; 11) Jake Brentz, LHP, Missouri HS; 14) L.B. Danztler, 1B, South Carolina; 17) Eric Lauer, LHP, Ohio HS; 30) Rowdy Tellez, 1B, California HS; 36) David Harris, SS, Southern Arkansas

COMMENT: The good news: Bickford throws extremely hard and could be an ace if his secondary pitches come around. The bad news: he'll be very expensive to sign, and the Jays dealt with this by ratcheting down the bonus levels with subsequent picks, Hollon and Smith being very raw and Murphy being a Tommy John recovery guy. Pitching was strongly emphasized. Lietz in the fifth round could be a significant sleeper. There were some interesting Cardinalesque performance picks in later rounds to fill out roster slots, including college success story Dantzler and 36th round pick David Harris, a shortstop from Southern Arkansas who led NCAA Division II in total bases.