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2013 MLB Draft: National League East Summary and Review

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Jason Hursh
Jason Hursh
Courtesy, Oklahoma State Athletics


Atlanta Braves
1-31) Jason Hursh, RHP, Oklahoma State
2-65) Victor Caratini, C, Miami Dade JC
3-102) Carlos Salazar, RHP, Kerman HS, CA
4-133) Tanner Murphy, C, Maiden HS, MO
5-163) Mikey Reynolds, SS, Texas A&M
Others of interest: 6) Stephen Janas, RHP, Kennesaw State; 8) Kyle Wren, OF, Georgia Tech; 9) Dylan Manwaring, 3B, New York HS; 13) Joseph Odom, C, Huntingdon College; 16) Michael Swanner, RHP, Pepperdine

Hursh has impressive arm strength but opinions are mixed about whether he starts or relieves in the long run. Caratini can hit and could end up at third base if catching doesn't work out. Salazar is quite raw but 95 MPH fastballs are nice to find in the third round. Murphy is very raw; Reynolds is a future utilityman with some on-base ability but little power. Kyle Wren is a legit 8-10 round pick on talent, but it does look kind of weird for a GM to draft his own kid. Odom was a small college star. This class should be pretty cheap to sign but there isn't huge upside here.

Miami Marlins
1-6) Colin Moran, 3B, North Carolina
1S-35) Matt Krook, LHP, St. Ignatius HS, San Francisco, CA
2-44) Trevor Williams, RHP, Arizona State
2S-73) Colby Suggs, RHP, Arkansas
3-80) Ben DeLuzio, SS, The First Academy, Orlando, FL
4-112) K. J. Woods, OF, Fort Mill HS, SC
5-142) Chad Wallach, C, Cal State Fullerton
Others of interest: 7) Justin Bohn, SS, Feather River JC; 11) Coco Johnson, OF, Louisville; 36) Chandler Eden, RHP, California HS

This is more interesting than Atlanta's draft, with a solid mixture of advanced college players like Moran and Suggs, combined with the long-term high school investments of Krook, DeLuzio, and Woods. Moran won't need long in the minors and just needs to figure out where he fits with the glove. Williams was disappointing this spring but a year ago was seen as first-round material, so there is at least the potential for him to improve and be a steal. DeLuzio and Woods are toolsy but raw and will take time, as will lefty Matt Krook. Justin Bohn has speed, athleticism, and defense. Later rounds saw a large number of organization-type picks, but some of them are quite interesting, including speedy Johnson. Overall, I like the diversity of this class.

New York Mets

1-11) Dominic Smith, 1B, Serra HS, Gardena, CA
2-48) Andrew Church, RHP, Basic HS, Henderson, NV
3-76) Ivan Wilson, OF, Ruston HS, LA
3-84) Casey Meisner, RHP, Cypress Woods HS, Cypress, TX
4-116) L.J. Mazzilli, 2B, Connecticut
5-146) Jared King, OF, Kansas State
Others of interest: 7) Matt Oberste, 1B, Oklahoma; 8) Ricky Knapp, RHP, Florida Gulf Coast; 9) Patric Biondi, OF, Michigan; 10) Luis Guillorme, SS, Florida HS; 15) Colton Plaia, C, Loyola Marymount

COMMENT: Another mixed class, with upside early then shifting gears to more polished college guys. Smith has the bat for first base and could win gold gloves too. Church and Meisner are athletic, projectable types who will need patient development; Wilson is a strong athlete who will need similar perseverance. Bloodlined Mazzilli, switch-hitting King, power hitter Oberste, strike-throwing Knapp, and speedy Biondi are all solid college choices in their rounds who provide depth to the system; all have a chance to exceed expectations. There is risk at the top but balance as well.

Philadelphia Phillies
1-16) J.P. Crawford, SS, Lakewood HS, CA
2-53) Andrew Knapp, C, University of California
3-89) Cord Sandberg, OF, Manatee HS, Bradenton, FL
3-96) Jan Hernandez, SS, Beltran Academy, Puerto Rico
4-121) Jake Sweaney, C, Garces Memorial HS, Bakersfield, CA
5-151) Ben Wetzler, LHP, Oregon State
Others of interest: 7) Trey Williams, 3B, JC of the Canyons; 8) Justin Parr, OF, Illinois; 11) Denton Keys, LHP, Colorado HS; 13) Joey Martarano, 3B, Idaho HS; 21) Mark Meadors, RHP, Cowley County CC; 29) Cavan Biggio, INF, Texas HS; 32) Tyler Viza, RHP, Arizona HS

COMMENT: The Phillies are well-known for drafting lots of tools players, but they also have the ability to find Tyler Cloyd-like college guys who end up contributing in the majors when people don't expect them too. This draft follows that pattern. Crawford, Sandberg, and Hernandez were all considered potential first-round picks at some point in the last 12 months: to snap up all three of them is quite a coup. Knapp, for some reason that I don't understand, didn't get as much attention as he deserved in college but he can hit and has at least a chance to stick at catcher. Sweaney is raw and will need time to develop, particularly on defense, but he has upper-level potential. Wetzler and Parr were very successful in college and could be "sneak up on us" types, as were several later picks, particularly 15th round 3B Logan Pierce from Troy University. Williams has enormous power and unusual upside for a seventh rounder. A large group of college arms was selected in the later rounds.

Washington Nationals
2-68) Jake Jonahsen, RHP, Dallas Baptist
3-105) Drew Ward, 3B, Leedey HS, OK
4-136) Nic Pivetta, RHP, New Mexico JC
5-166) Austin Voth, RHP, Washington
6-196) Cody Gunter, 3B, Grayson County CC
Others of interest: 7) Jim Yezzo, 1B, Delaware; 8) David Napoli, LHP, Tulane; 26) Garrett Hampson, SS, Nevada HS; 35) Lukas Shiraldi, RHP, Navarro JC

COMMENT: With no first round pick and a small bonus pool, the Nationals went with some raw gambles early. Johansen has already signed and can hit 99 MPH, but he was ineffective in college and needs a lot of development work with his secondary pitches. Ward has enormous power but his defense is limited and he played substandard competition in high school, making it tough for scouts to get a good read on him. Pivetta is big and throws hard; it can be easy to overlook junior college guys but he has the potential to surprise. Voth was an effective college pitcher with a solid fastball, a cutter, and good control. Yezzo destroyed NCAA pitching this spring but his lack of athleticism knocked him down draft boards. Hampson has second round ability but is going to be tough to get away from Long Beach State.