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Weekend College Baseball Preview: May 10-12

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The mock drafts are starting to trickle in and the regular season is close to done, so here is what all the fuss is about. (Hint: here be links to click on and read stuff, lest you be ill-informed.)

So. like, the ball represents the national title and Yaz is trying to "catch" it.
So. like, the ball represents the national title and Yaz is trying to "catch" it.
James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE

- The Top 5 is pretty much consensus, at this point. Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Fullerton, LSU, and Oregon State. There is some question as to who is the TRUE #1 as both UNC and Vandy have an argument.

I'm hoping that the Titans and the Beavers can meet at some point to decide who is the best in the West. My money would be on Cal State Fullerton, but that's definitely a series I would love to see.

Vandy visits Kentucky to try and hold on to that #1.

UNC heads to Atlanta to battle the Ramblin Wreck.

Cal-State Fullerton is at UC Riverside.

LSU began the weekend last night at Texas A&M with a loss.

Oregon State is on the road taking on Mark Appel, Austin Wilson, and Stanford.

- Indiana State Sycamores hurler Sean Manaea has been battling a sore hip since mid-March. The injury, requiring a recent cortisone shot, has limited his appearances and affected his performance, but will it cause his draft position to fall? Manaea has been a consensus top 10 pick, pretty much since his performance in the Cape Cod League. It will be interesting to follow his stock in this year's equivalent to last year's Lucas Giolito situation.

The Sycamores welcome Alcorn State with Manaea scheduled to start Friday.

-A Decent #2: While Kris Bryant has been turning heads, both in the press and on pitcher's mounds, with his nation leading 25 big flys, DJ Peterson of the University of New Mexico has helped lead the Lobos and their nation's best offense into Baseball America's Top 25 at #16.

UNW travels to Fresno State

This Week's Podcasts

Aaron Fitt and John Manuel of Baseball America

Eric Sorensen at Easton