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2011 Short-Season Minor League Baseball: Player and Pitcher of the Year Nominees

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OK, with the full-season polls up and running, let's turn our attention to the short-season teams and make some nominations for polls to run tomorrow.

As a Twins fan, I hereby nominate Eddie Rosario and Miguel Sano of the Elizabethton Twins. Rosario, a fourth round pick in 2010 out of Puerto Rico, hit .337/.397/.670, with 21 homers and 17 steals, and draws comparisons to a young Bobby Abreu. Teammate Sano was a high-profile Dominican signee in 2009, earning a $3.15 million bonus, and right now it looks like a good investment if his .292/.357/.637 with 20-homer performance at age 18 is any indication.

Who else do we need to consider for both hitting and pitching awards?