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Austin Jackson in 2011

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Austin Jackson of the Tigers has had a successful rookie year: .298/.352/.408, 106 OPS+, 25-for-30 in steals, 2.4 WAR.

He also leads the American League in strikeouts with 160, and has drawn just 41 unintentional walks.

I was one of the optimists regarding Jackson pre-season, and I'm glad to see the guy has done well. But what happens going forward? Can he sustain anything like a .290-.300 average again considering how much he strikes out? How good can he be if the Ks come down and he sustains his current BABIP?

My guess below the fold.

I still like the guy, and while I think we could see him drop down to .280ish or so, I also think his isolated power will increase and his OBP/walk rates will gradually improve. For next year, i'd expect something like .275/.330/.425.