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I woke up yesterday with my left index finger swollen and painful, the pain having a "broken bone" quality to it, although I have no idea how I could have hurt it like that since it was fine when I went to bed. Painkillers and muscle relaxant seemed to do the trick and made it tolerable, so I went about my writing business like normal. However, it was even more painful this morning, and so far the meds aren't helping. I suspect writing yesterday was a bad idea. I have immobilized the finger, but typing is much slower than normal, a pain in the butt, and jarrs the finger. Therefore I will punt on extensive writing for this morning and put up a suggestion thread, since I need ideas anyway. I will try to do Minor League Notes this evening.

I have two Retros left on the big list from June, Matt LaPorta and Cam Maybin. Feel free to suggest more. I will also take a look at BJ Upton, and I want to revive the Prospect Smackdown feature.