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Fantasy Baseball: Jean Segura or Jason Kipnis?

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I am starting to take a look at the Top Second Base Prospects for 2011 and want to know who readers feel will be the more valuable keeper at second base-Jean Segura or Jason Kipnis? Kipnis has hit well at a higher level than Segura, but Segura put up some monster numbers in A ball in 2010.

Here are their 2010 stats:

Kipnis-16 HRs, 74 RBIs, 9 SBs, 32 2B, 8 3B, .307-.386-.492, 107-55 K/BB rate (23 yrs old in AA)

Segura-10 HRS, 79 RBIs, 50 SBs, 24 2B, 12 3B, .313-.365-.464, 72-45 K/BB rate (20 yrs old in Low A)

Kipnis is closer to the big leagues, and could see some time in Cleveland in 2011, while Segura will need a few more years in the minors.

So, who would you rather have in a keeper league?