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A few stragglers have leaked through. I am doing them as I work on the Rockies, and will incorporate them in the team lists previously posted.


Noel Arguelles, LHP, Royals: Grade C+. Live-armed Cuban defector, not Chapman but supposedly talented, though didn't throw as hard in workouts as he did in Cuba.
Estarlin De Los Santos, SS, Twins:  Grade C: Quick Dominican shortstop protected on 40-man roster, fast but lacks power and plate discipline.
Scott Maine, LHP, Cubs: Grade C: Acquired from Arizona in November, Maine is a Grade C relief prospect but I like him as a potential source of quality filler innings. Good K/IP and K/BB marks.
Jimmy Paredes, 2B, Yankees: Decent tools and played well in the New York-Penn League. Grade C at this point, has the potential to move beyond that if he hones the strike zone.