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College World Series Prediction

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College World Series Finals: LSU vs. Texas

    My two favorite college baseball teams are Louisiana State and Arizona State. The Tigers have just had a lot of interesting players over the years, while I've liked the Sun Devils from way back in the Mike Sodders days. So I was hoping that it would be LSU vs. ASU in the final. . .alas, the Texas Longhorns spoiled my fun with that.

    Prediction for Monday's game: Big slugfest as the worn out pitching staffs wilt in the last game. LSU wins the game 11-9. . .home runs are hit by D.J. LeMehieu and Jared Mitchell for LSU; Brandon Belt hits two homers for Texas, driving in six, but his heroics aren't quite enough.

    Discuss the game and the players involved here. Barring something unforeseen happening, I'm going to live-blog the game starting at 6 pm Central Time on Monday evening.