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Guess The Prospect!

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I was drafted after the 10th round in the 1990s, from a Division I baseball program. I was not considered a hot prospect in college.  My initial pro performance was mediocre and I did not do particularly well in short-season ball, though I wasn't dismal. I split my second season between two levels of A-ball, hitting a combined .283 with a decent OBP but just mediocre power, and wasn't considered a top prospect by most experts, though my strikeout rate was low which was a good sign.

In my third year I had a breakout season in Double-A and Triple-A, combining for 30 homers in an unexpected outburst. My defense at a corner position got mixed reviews, however, and it was uncertain where I would fit into the lineup.

I spent my fourth season in Triple-A and continued to hit very well, My defense improved a great deal and I received a brief trial in the majors. However, there was no place for me to play, so I was traded to another team, which gave me a chance to play in my fifth professional season. After some initial adjustment problems, I've turned into a very solid player with some excellent seasons under my belt, not bad for a guy who was not considered a top prospect in college.

Who am I?

ANSWER: Mike Lowell, who was a 20th round pick by the Yankees out of Florida International in 1995.