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Boston Red Sox Top 20 Prospects

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Jon Papelbon


  1. Craig Hansen, RHP, Grade A-
  2. Jon Lester, LHP, Grade B+
  3. Jon Papelbon, RHP, B+
  4. Dustin Pedroia, 2B, B+
  5. Jacoby Ellsbury, OF, B
  6. Clay Buchholz, RHP, B
  7. Michael Bowden, RHP, B
  8. Manny Delcarmen, RHP, B-
  9. Jed Lowrie, 2B, B-
  10. Brandon Moss, OF, B-
  11. Luis Soto, OF, B-
  12. Edgar Martinez, RHP, C+
  13. Abe Alvarez, LHP, C+
  14. Jeff Corsaletti, OF, C+
  15. Yahmed Yema, OF, C+
  16. Cla Meredith, RHP, C
  17. David Murphy, OF, C
  18. Jermaine Van Buren, RHP, C
  19. Chris Turner, OF, C
  20. Andrew Pinkney, 3B, C
A rapidly improving farm system, with particular strength in pitching. Hansen, Lester, and Papelbon are a nice foundation for a pitching staff, with Delcarmen and Martinez providing additional relief depth. Buchholz and Bowden, 2005 draftees, will need time to develop but I like both of them.

The hitting side is a bit thinner once you get past Dustin Pedroia. 2005 outfield draftees Ellsbury, Corsaletti, and Yema are all guys I like, although the latter two are possible "tweener" types who will have to show enough power at higher levels.