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Seattle Mariners Top 20 Prospects for 2009

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The first Seattle Mariners card I ever owned

Seattle Mariners Top 20 Prospects for 2009

All grades are EXTREMELY PRELIMINARY and subject to change. Don’t get too worried about exact rankings at this point, especially once you get out of the top 10. Grade C+/C guys are pretty interchangeable depending on what you are looking for.


1) Carlos Triunfel, INF, Grade B+: He has flaws, but holding your own in the Cal League at age 18 is special. High risk, high reward.

2) Greg Halman, OF, Grade B: Another high risk/high reward guy, awesome power/speed potential but huge problems with breaking balls. Could be a B+ but high risk of failure and 2.5 years older than Triunfel.

3) Phillipe Aumont, RHP, Grade B: Impressive arm and good numbers in the Midwest League, but too raw to get a B+.

4) Juan Ramirez, RHP, Grade B: Another live arm who did well at the lower levels but needs additional refinement.

5) Michael Pineda, RHP, Grade B: Doesn’t throw quite as hard as Aumont and Ramirez, but better command.

6) Michael Saunders, OF, Grade B-: Good tools, skills coming along, but high strikeout rate is concerning.

7) Adam Moore, C, Grade B-: Good pop, good arm, still polishing defense. Deserves more attention than he gets.

8) Jharmidy DeJesus, 3B, Grade B-: Another young high ceiling guy with strike zone problems.

9) Dennis Raben, OF, Grade B-: Love the power and patience, but other tools are mediocre, may strike out too much to hit for average.

10) Mario Martinez, 3B, Grade C+: Considering B- based on projection. Worried about low walk rate but very young.

11) Mike Carp, 1B, Grade C+: Power and patience, acquired from Mets, but track record is a bit erratic and scouts give mixed reports.

12) Mike Wilson, OF, Grade C+ Murders lefties, strong power, has some fielding ability too, strikes out a lot. Could be good platoon hitter.

13) Maikel Cleto, RHP, Grade C+: Power arm acquired from Mets. Great fastball, but rather raw.

14) Joshua Fields, RHP, Grade C+: I’m assuming he will sign. Stuff is here, but what about command?

15) Shawn Kelley, RHP, Grade C+: Sleeper prospect could help in bullpen sooner than expected.

16) Matt Tuiasosopo, 3B, Grade C: I think he can be a useful role player, but doubt he will hit enough to start.

17) Ezequiel Carrera, OF, Grade C: Speedy guy acquired from Mets, probably a bench asset eventually.

18) Brett Lorin, RHP, Grade C: Projectable arm from 2008 draft, somewhat raw for a college pitcher.

19) Justin Thomas, LHP, Grade C: Seems to take well to bullpen use, could be fine utility pitcher.

20) Steven Hensley, RHP, Grade C: Another interesting college pitcher from 2008 draft, I think he could surprise if command sharpens up a bit more.


Others: Nathan Adcock, LHP; Denny Almonte, OF; Reegie Corona, INF; Tyson Gillies, OF; Gaby Hernandez, RHP; Donald Hume, LHP; Rob Johnson, C; Jose Lugo, LHP; Julio Morban, OF; Gabriel Noriega, SS; Efrain Nunez, OF; Carlos Peguero, OF; Andrew Pribanic, RHP.


As usual, don’t sweat so much about where the Grade C+/C types rank exactly on this list. After I get past the top 10 I don’t worry so much about exact placement, since I’m trying to concentrate on the book right now. Some of the Grade C guys could be C+ in the book, and vice versa.



    The big trade with the Mets provides a quick boost for his list, adding a bit of depth to a system that needs it.

    This system has considerable high risk/high reward talent. Halman and Triunfel are the epitome of that on the position player side, and Saunders, Wilson, DeJesus, and Martinez all fit that category too. These guys could develop into stars, or nothing, or anything in between. The pitching has depth in live arms at the lower level, but most of them needing more development time. The Aumont/Ramirez/Pineda trio could be special….but remember the fates of other pitching prospect aggregations. The attrition rate of such arms is very high.

     The Mariners have put a lot of money into Latin America and will keep doing so, but it will be interesting to see if the new regime modifies their draft philosophy.


Full reports on these players and over 1,000 others can be found in the 2009 Baseball Prospect Book. Pre-order for January 31st shipping now!