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Time Machine has a Broken Fuse

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I'm Tearing down the Wall between Writer and Audience this evening.

I've been working on this Mariners 2007 Time Machine piece, and well, it sucks. I'm not going to post something that sucks, so I need some input here.

The basic problem is that, right now, it's just a list of "these are Seattle's top prospects." A rehash of the Top 20 in other words, not very interesting. I'm having problems converting this into something that would actually be worth repeating, worth reading, and worth spending my time doing.

So, if you were designing a "Time Machine" article for your favorite organization, what would you want to include? Obviously you have to talk about prospects, and the current players you have, and how they may or may not relate, but want do you want to see? A projected depth chart? Some sort of statistical projection/wild guess? How creative should this be and how analytical?

Help me out here guys and gals. What do you want the Time Machine Feature to be like?