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You're the GM! Texas Rangers Edition

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You're the GM! Texas Rangers

We did a You're the GM! for the Rangers back in June, but that was five months ago and revisiting is a good idea.

You have a nice core of offensive talent. Young and Teixeira are awesome. On the other hand, Hank Blalock has stopped being a complete hitter and is more of a pure power guy now, but this has actually reduced his production. What can be done about that?

Your best starting pitcher last year was 41 years old. Beyond Chris Young, do you have any young pitchers you trust? Can Joaquin Benoit, Kameron Loe, and Juan Dominguez take larger roles? You had 11 pitchers on your roster last year with ERAs in excess of 5.00 and more than 20 innings pitched. What's the solution to the pitching dilemma?

How soon can this team push above .500 and seriously contend?