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Top 30 Midseason MLB Prospects, Possibly

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Let's count down what very well could be the Top 30 prospects in affiliated ball.

Pirates RHP Tyler Glasnow
Pirates RHP Tyler Glasnow
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I dropped part one and two of my top 69 MLB Prospects, midseason edition. Today we'll conclude with a look at the final thirty.

Short story long, I was unable to put the same time and care into the top 30 as the back-end of my list. I was also unwilling to publish a mere list of names to round it out. The compromise I cooked up was a ranking for each player, followed by a haiku.

According to my research on WikiHow dot com, haiku is a "short poem that uses sensory language to capture a feeling or image." It also follows a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, which I've loosely adhered to.

In addition, I've combed through the MinorLeagueBall archives to find published work on (most) every player below, and allowed that writing to inform the mood of the poem. In some cases, I had to get creative to find inspiration.

30. Clint Frazier, OF, Indians

Georgia in the spring:
A thundering ping echoes,
"Post-contact pimpage"

29. Francis Martes, RHP, Astros

Thieved from Gulf backfields,
A barrel-chested bulldog.
Next Papa Grande

28. Jose De Leon, RHP, Dodgers

Drop and drive technique:
Kick. Stride. Coiled tension. Push.
Oops, Bugs Bunny change.

27. Amir Garrett, LHP, Reds

Fringe basketballer
Lights up gun, hangs up sneakers;
He made a wise choice

26. Bradley Zimmer, OF, Indians

Captains of the Tribe
Bonds forged on Lake Erie shores;
Photobombed by Dorssys

25. Willy Adames, SS, Rays

First week on the job;
A momento from my home,
Big Willy Style.

24. Gleyber Torres, SS, Cubs

Caracas: shortstop
Hotbed; Teenaged Baby Cub
Trade bait for Archer

23. Lewis Brinson, OF, Rangers

Nursed back to good health
Frisco Kid, Ranger Danger
If you throw inside

22. Eloy Jimenez, OF, Cubs

Chilly mid-June night:
Inner third, his happy zone.
"A man among boys"

21. David Dahl, OF, Rockies

Five tools. Squint, and see
modern Mile-High Van Slyke;
All he needs is health.

20. Anderson Espinoza, RHP, Padres

Traded at Eighteen,
But there's only one Pedro.
Preller: Gamblin' Man

19. Jose Berrios, RHP, Twins

A rude welcoming;
Revival in Rochester:
Rotation anchor

18. Rafael Devers, 3B, Red Sox

Can you measure grit?
Do you have Devers fever?
We're all gritnesses.

17. Ozzie Albies, SS, Braves

'Simba' was traded,
But lil Ozzie still remains
One bad Mufasa

16. Amed Rosario, SS, Mets

Long awaited call
But, ¿Que es Marty McFly?
Born to play shortstop.

15. Austin Meadows, OF, Pirates

Georgia rivalry
Red Devil, Battering Ram.
Latter will go HAM

14. Brendan Rodgers, SS, Rockies

Can't spot a weakness.
Asheville clouds, but rest assured:
Tourist passing through

13. Orlando Arcia, SS, Brewers

Wayne says, he's down with Orlando
Takes a swing man, he can hit
He's gonna rake tomorrow

12. Victor Robles, OF, Nationals

Hagerstown Trio,
one Sun shines brightest:
Teenage prodigy

Geoff Burke-USA Today

11. Trea Turner, SS, Nationals

80 speed, takes lead.
Ignore 'pop times'. Uno, dos,
Trea's a catalyst

10. Dansby Swanson, SS, Braves

Lieutenant Dans is:
A certified sprayer. Gamer.
'Can't miss' as it gets

9. Alex Reyes, RHP, Cardinals

Tweet: This serves as both
A saludo and warning:
Futures Game, pure smoke

8. Andrew Benintendi, OF, Red Sox

One calendar year,
Could be ready for Fenway.
What Would Bill James Do?

7. Joey Gallo, 3B/1B/LF, Rangers

Power plus patience =
Now he's a Giambi clone,
His friend and mentor.

6. Alex Bregman, SS/3B, Astros

Pondering Bregman:
More Pedroia than Pedrique?
Pretty bold, K-Law

5. J.P. Crawford, SS, Phillies

Behold, the crown jewel
A future Broad Street Bully
Face of a rebuild

4. Lucas Giolito, RHP, Nationals

Downhill plane to see
King of the Righties, until
Otani arrives

3. Julio Urias, LHP, Dodgers

A poised wünderkind
Toggling velocity.
Koufax, Kershaw, him?

2. Tyler Glasnow, RHP, Pirates

He can't be barreled
High 90's heat, and Lord Charles.
With command, an ace

1. Yoan Moncada, 2B, Red Sox

Sixty-three million
Dollar Signs on his muscles;
The next Joe Morgan?