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"American League 2nd Half Preview Podcast" with Host Chris Mitchell

"A Podcast To Be Named Later" w/ Guest Brandon C Williams

Jose Altuve
Jose Altuve
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

American League Preview Podcast

Host Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73
Guest Brandon C Williams

Today on "A Podcast To Be Named Later" we will Preview the second half of the American League Baseball season. A Team by Team look at the keys to their playoff hopes or approach to their rebuilds as they look ahead to 2017 and beyond. You can also find a link to this Podcast at MinorLeagueBall . com


* Players in Focus -
--> Keys to the second half: Team by Team
--> Prospects that could have an impact?

* News and Notes
--> Trade Deadline look

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* "The Prospects Podcast" w/ Managing Editor Jim Callis

* National League Preview Podcast w/ RotoExperts Writer Brandon C Williams

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