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Minor League Ball status report and update

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With today's examination of the Baltimore Orioles and Cincinnati Reds systems, the yearly reviews of the pre-season lists (say that five times really fast) are complete. We now turn our attention to September coverage. Here's what we have in store.

***We'll cover all the September roster promotions of course, both the big prospects and the more obscure contributors.

***Next Tuesday, September 1st, we'll have an All-Questions-Answered thread.

***I am going on a scouting trip to a secret location this weekend so hopefully I'll have some nice photos and observations for you to enjoy on Monday. Hope for good weather at ***DESTINATION REDACTED***

***Sometime in September we will probably start working on the 2016 Baseball Prospect Book.

***I have a list of 15 players to write September articles about.

***We will be looking at the big Latin American bonus players from the last few years to see how they have adjusted to pro baseball. The heavy Yankees investments last summer will get their own article.

***Feel free to make other suggestions, not just for me but for the rest of the writing staff too.