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2014 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: AL West Summary

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Touki Toussaint
Touki Toussaint
Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

1) Brady Aiken, LHP, California HS
37) Mike Papi, OF, University of Virginia
42) Mac Marshall, LHP, Georgia HS
75) Joey Pankake, 3B, University of South Carolina
106) Casey Soltis, OF, California HS
SUMMARY: Aiken is certainly worthy of a 1/1 pick although whether the real-life Astros go there is another matter; we’ll know in a few days. Papi might strike some as a slight overdraft here but his power/patience combination is potent and I expect he may very well go this high given the relative lack of bats this year. Marshall has been a little up/down with his stuff but I also think he is one of the top high school lefties available, very nice to pair with Aiken. Pankake is a solid and versatile college guy who could also go higher than expected due to hitting scarcity, and could fit well here with the money opening up some options for the toolsy Soltis, who would need $$ to pass up Oregon. Overall this strikes me as a solid group.

15) Michael Chavis, 3B, Georgia HS
53) Jacob Lindgren, LHP, Mississippi State University
88) Wyatt Strahan, RHP, USC
119) Nick Wells, LHP, Virginia HS
SUMMARY: The Angels actually have draft picks this year and something like this would make sense for a system that needs more talent from any source. Chavis has one of the most potent bats in the high school class; he will need time to iron out his skills but the upside is quite high. Lindgren, in contrast, could get to the major leagues very quickly with his insane strikeout rate (93 in 51 innings) and ability to dominate from the pen. Strahan can hit the mid-90s and could also move quickly if he can cut down a little on the walks. Wells is a 6-5, 175 frame of projection who could be buyable from the College of Charleston even in the fourth round.

25) Derek Hill, OF, California HS
65) Alex Verdugo, LHP, Arizona HS
101) Greg Allen, OF, San Diego State
132) Nick Torres, OF, Cal Poly
SUMMARY: Nice basis for a future outfield here, with Derek Hill featuring a great glove with a chance to hit, Greg Allen also featuring plus speed and glovework. Torres doesn’t run or field as well as the others but has more power. Verdugo is a prospect as both a hitter and pitcher but seems better on the mound with a mature build and a good fastball/breaking ball combination. This class rides on the outfield bats developing as anticipated.

6) Touki Toussaint, RHP, Florida HS
74) Evan Skoug, C, Illinois HS
80) Ben Wetzler, LHP, Oregon State University
111) Cobi Johnson, RHP, Florida HS
SUMMARY: The Mariners SD threw a changeup by popping Touki a little earlier than generally anticipated, but it is a defensible choice given his enormous upside. Skoug should be signable away from TCU in that spot, drawing notice for a potent bat and the tools to be a solid gloveman with more experience. Wetzler is one of the top seniors available with a proven performance record. Cobi Johnson has bloodlines and great polish for a high school arm, but with a Florida State commitment he might not be signable here. However, you could theoretically go well below slot for Wetzler and apply that to Johnson. If you could combine Cobi’s polish with Touki’s stuff you would have, well, one hell of a prospect.


30) (for Nelson Cruz) Braxton Davidson, 1B, North Carolina HS
59) Garrett Fulenchek, RHP, Texas HS
95) Spencer Turnbull, RHP, University of Alabama
126) Stone Garrett, OF, Texas HS
SUMMARY: This looks Rangery to me. Davidson has the loud tool in power that the Rangers like; he could be devastating in a lineup with Joey Gallo assuming he reaches his projection as a power/patience player. Fulenchek is a home state guy and throws in the 90s and should be signable away from Dallas Baptist. Garrett is another home state kid, with strong tools and athleticism, but might have to go a little higher than this to pass up Rice. Turnbull is a college arm that can hit the mid-90s but has some command issues to work through. High-ceiling though.