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2014 MLB Mock Draft: Version 2

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The draft is pretty wide open this year with even the top of the draft being uncertain. Here is one way this could play out.

Brady Aiken
Brady Aiken

1. Houston Astros: Carlos Rodon

The Astros have a plan. Rodon hasn't dominated as he was expected to but that doesn't mean he can't be a dominant pitcher. The Astros expect to contend or at least compete soon. They need impact now, so Rodon seems to be the logical choice. Aiken could be an option to save money but there are other ways of doing that.

2. Miami Marlins: Tyler Kolek

The Marlins have a connection with drafting a power arm from Texas in Josh Beckett. Kolek has unprecedented velocity and I can't see the Marlins passing on him. Jackson could be an option, as could Aiken.

3. Chicago White Sox: Brady Aiken

It's hard to imagine Aiken getting past three with the helium for the number one spot he has had of late. I really think the top three will be Aiken, Rodon and Kolek but there is a chance that Jackson sneaks into the mix.

4. Chicago Cubs: Alex Jackson

Jackson seems like a good fit here due to the Cubs' philosophy on impact players. He is the biggest impact bat in the prep class and would join an amazingly powerful projected lineup in the windy city. I think they would prefer an arm but Hoffman's injury hinders that plan. If one of the top three arms slips to them, they will likely take one.

5. Minnesota Twins: Nick Gordon

I expect they will pick either Nick Gordon or Aaron Nola here. The Twins have Buxton and Sano near the majors, so a college player like Nola may make more sense. I think the impact of a young up the middle talent could be more valuable in the long run and I think the Twins will see this as well.

6. Seattle Mariners: Bradley Zimmer

The Mariners would have likely taken a college arm here if Fedde and Hoffman out. I think they go with the polished college bat in Zimmer but Michael Conforto, Kyle Schwarber and Casey Gillaspie could be in the mix as well.

7. Philadelphia Phillies: Kyle Freeland

While the Phillies usually take talented, toolsy athletes, Gordon seems to be the most likely player to fit that mold at this spot and he doesn't get here in this scenario. Turner could be an option but I think they go with an impact college arm.

8. Colorado Rockies: Casey Gillaspie

The Rockies prefer college players and a big bat in the middle of the lineup would be a good addition. Gillaspie could be great in Colorado. Conforto, Schwarber and Turner could be options here as well.

9. Toronto Blue Jays: Touki Toussaint

I firmly believe this pick will be Touki if it isn't Nick Gordon. They really seem like Blue Jays picks. I could see them looking at Turner or one of the remaining college arms though as well.

10. New York Mets: Aaron Nola

I could see the Mets looking at any of the college arms remaining here or even one of the bats. Considering there next pick isn't until 84, I think they will feel like they NEED to make this one count and Nola is as safe of a bet as anyone.

11. Toronto Blue Jays: Jeff Hoffman

As soon as I heard about Hoffman's injury, I started to think he would fit well here. He has no leverage at all and has frontline ability when healthy. The Blue Jays could offer him a good bonus that is under slot and save money for an over slot guy later.

12. Milwaukee Brewers: Michael Chavis

The Brewers need impact here. Every time I see Jacob Gatewood, I see him as a good option here but Chavis has a great bat and is more likely to be an impact player. They could go safe and pick one of the college bats as well. You never know with the Brewers.

13. San Diego Padres: Trea Turner

This is where the draft gets really murky for me. The Padres could take one of about ten different players. Turner could play well hitting the gaps at Petco and flying around the bases.

14. San Francisco Giants: Sean Newcomb

Newcomb sliding this far would work out well for the Giants.

15. Los Angeles Angels: Michael Conforto

I can't see Conforto sliding futher than this. He has minimal defensive value but the bat is an impact bat and the Angels need cheap impact talent.

16. Arizona Diamondbacks: Grant Holmes

A pitcher that has as good of stuff as anyone in the draft would be a steal here. I don't see him sliding any further than this.

17. Kansas City Royals: Tyler Beede

Beede doesn't seem to have a good fit this year. I've seen him hit 96 and sit 93-94. He has a great change and a curveball that could be an out pitch but he has command issues. A talent like his should go higher than a guy with lesser stuff like Weaver, so I'm putting him here, although they have had success with Weaver's in the past.

18. Washington Nationals: Kyle Schwarber

The Nats have tended to lean toward college players and Schwarber has a big bat that could help out in the Nationals current window.

19. Cincinnati Reds: Luke Weaver

With a mid-rotation ceiling, Weaver may not have the potential of many but I think he'd fit well in the Reds rotation who have done so well with players with that skill level.

20. Tampa Bays Rays: Braxton Davidson

The Rays have had a whole at 1B for a while and Davidson could help fill that whole in a few years.

21. Cleveland Indians: Sean Reid-Foley

Foley would fit with the Indians youth movement. As one of the top prep arms available, he could add some pitching to their middle of the field filled farm system.

22. Los Angeles Dodgers: Brandon Finnegan

The Dodgers went college heavy recently but could go a variety of directions here.

23. Detroit Tigers: Nick Burdi

Burdi seems like a Tigers pick due to the fact that they rush their prospects and the fact they took two college reliever types last year. Burdi could help them as soon as this September if they wanted to solidify their bullpen for their playoff run.

24. Pittsburgh Pirates: Max Pentecost

I don't know that Pentecost will get this far in reality but I don't see another great fit for him. He'd be a good pick for anyone past the top 10 or so, so this would be a steal for the Pirates.

25. Oakland Athletics: Monte Harrison

The A's have been taking top prep talent as of late and the best hitter on the board is Harrison. Derek Hill, Ti'Quan Forbes or Marcus Wilson could be fits as well as prep bats. Derek Fisher seems like he could be a fit here as well.

26. Boston Red Sox: Derek Fisher

I think the list of players the Red Sox will look at here is similar to what Oakland was looking at in the last pick.

27. St. Louis Cardinals: Luis Ortiz

The Cardinals always seem to make the absolute best of their pick. They tend to get players over toolsy prospects. Mike Papi, Nick Howard, Grayson Greiner could be options but Ortiz could be something special and they could make the most of what he has.

Compensation Round:

28. Kansas City Royals: Kodi Medeiros

The Royals have three picks early and could do something interesting with the pick like they did last year. Either way, taking Medeiros could be a good fit because of the crazy potential and the fact they have extra pick if he does bust, he isn't the only big pick in their draft.

29. Cincinnati Reds: Jacob Gatewood

Gatewood has potentially elite talent and getting him at 29 is a potential steal for the Reds. There isn't a strong reason for this other than talent.

30. Texas Rangers: Ti'quan Forbes

The Rangers like atheltic middle infielders. Add another one to the system. With the depth they have, Forbes won't be rushed so he can take his time developing, which he may need.

31. Cleveland Indians: A.J. Reed

Cleveland likes high impact high school players and polished college players. Reed fits in the latter and may have more usable power than anyone else in the draft.

32. Atlanta Braves: Mac Marshall

The Braves love picking from the back yard. Marshall is in their back yard and would fit well in their system. This may be a little high for him but I don't think he'll be availabe at 66.

33. Boston Red Sox: Marcus Wilson

I could see the Red Sox looking at Wilson at 26, so I would think they'd pull the trigger on him here.

34. St. Louis Cardinals: Grayson Greiner

One of the best defensive catchers in the draft, he has shown an improved bat this spring as well. He could have the potential to be the successor to Yadi.

Compensation Balance A:

35. Colorado Rockies: Derek Hill

A polished prep hitter and defender; Hill could be molded to cover CF in Coors Field in the future.

36. Miami Marlins: Michael Gettys

The Marlins have a ton of money to spend in the draft. I would think they would be able to go overslot to take a shot at one of the highest ceiling talents in the draft.

37. Houston Astros: Jake Stinnett

Houston will want to save money to go overslot later and taking the senior here could allow them to get a solid talent and save money.

38. Cleveland Indians: Erick Fedde

Considering he could have went 30 picks earlier, this could be a steal for Cleveland.

39. Miami Marlins: Mike Papi

Taking two very high ceiling prep players earlier, this would give their draft some balance.

40. Kansas City Royals: Jakson Reetz

This could go a variety of ways but taking a player from the midwest and someone who could play muliple positions with a strong bat could be a good fit.

41. Milwaukee Brewers: Nick Howard

After taking a high impact prep at the top of the draft, getting one of the better college arms is a good way to wap up the comp rounds.