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Minor League Ball and Baseball Prospect Book Update: May 21, 2014

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If you guys buy enough books, I can hire cheerleaders
If you guys buy enough books, I can hire cheerleaders
Joe Robbins, Getty Images

Good afternoon everyone. I have some housekeeping items to discuss with you today, and I need your help with some things.

***We are finally getting some information from the printer and I should have a firm shipping date for the 2014 Baseball Prospect Book very soon. I can't get more specific than that at this point, but I can tell you that the book is finally on the presses. It shouldn't be much longer.

As you know, this year we are sending the .pdf file to everyone who orders the hard copy of the book and who gives us a valid email address. The .pdfs go out every evening so you should have it within 24 hours of ordering either the hard copy or the .pdf itself.

The thing I need help with: for the project to succeed, we need more orders. The book is completely self-financed through pre-orders. Due to the delay caused by my concussion, we understandably have many fewer orders this year and, frankly, that's a problem. The whole project represents a very large portion of our family income and without the book, much of what happens here at Minor League Ball (lots of free information!) would not be possible to provide.

Please consider ordering the book if you haven't already done so. It's a fun read, is 452 pages long, contains data on over 1,000 players, and can help you spot the non-obvious prospects ahead of time.

We appreciate every order more than you can know. Thanks!

***If you have already ordered or are unable to do so at this time, there are a couple of free things you can do to help us out.

You can 'like" the Minor League Ball Facebook page. You can also sign up for the Minor League Ball Twitter feed. We have 9,778 followers on Twitter and I'd like to get to 10,000 soon, which would be a big feather in the cap and is certainly doable if you guys help out. We are planning to do much more with social media and we are very open to any suggestions or ideas you have in that department.