2015 Minor League Ball Community Prospect List #1

Hey everyone, and welcome to the discussion on the first spot for this year's Community Prospect List. We will be doing things a bit differently this year. In the past, we've used the polling system, which is quick and easy, but is also open to ballot stuffing issues. When we switched to a +1 system, the votes didn't have the ballot stuffing issues, but it also led to a wall of +1's that killed discussion, which is the most fun and important part of these lists.

This year, we are going to go to a rec system. This means you have to be signed in to vote for your choice with a rec. While someone could create multiple accounts and sign out and in to each, that is time-consuming enough that I doubt it will happen. It will also make sure the thread is used for discussion and isn't gummed up with +1's. Now, you are able to rec more than one player. I would ask that you don't do that, but there is no real way to police it. So, just know that each player you rec weakens each of your votes, to the point that if you rec every player, you've basically rec'd no one.

With that said, I will list players to vote on below. To vote, you must rec the player. I would suggest discussion of specific players be done as a response to that player's name. More general discussion can be done below. If there is a player you wish to vote for that isn't listed, please list them under the others section. We will have a testers section as well to add players to be voted on in the future.

Please have fun and be respectful of each other. We are all here because we are a bit crazy when it comes to baseball prospects. That unites us much more than any difference in opinion may divide us. I look forward to an awesome year of Community Prospect List discussions, and a great end result. Let's get this thing started!

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