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2013 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft Results: NL West

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Brian Sabean measures how much he cares about mock drafts
Brian Sabean measures how much he cares about mock drafts
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Diamondbacks
15) Ryne Stanek, RHP, Arkansas
36) Billy McKinney, OF, Texas HS
52) Matt Krook, LHP, California HS
88) Buck Farmer, RHP, Georgia Tech
120) Chris Rivera, SS, California HS
COMMENT: If you told the D-backs six months ago that they could get Stanek and McKinney I think they'd be ecstatic. It isn't impossible though Stanek's stock seems to be moving back up again. Krook and Farmer is an interesting combination of projectability, youth, and risk balanced with the safety of a polished college senior. Rivera is a wild card.

Colorado Rockies
3) Kris Bryant, 3B, University of San Diego
42) Bobby Wahl, RHP, University of Mississippi
70) Kevin Ziomek, LHP, Vanderbilt
77) Rowdy Tellez, 1B, California HS
109) Brandon Bixler, LHP, Florida Gulf Coast University
COMMENT: Bryant and Tellez: that's one impressive power duo, huge impact there. Wahl and Ziomek are two college pitchers who could advance very quickly. Bixler has good stuff as well but his command is inconsistent; he could be a nice choice in the fourth round if that comes around.

Los Angeles Dodgers

18) Hunter Harvey, RHP, North Carolina HS
56) Cavan Biggio, 2B, Texas HS
92) Andrew Knapp, C, University of California
124) Cal Quantrill, RHP, Canada HS
COMMENT: The Dodgers are a team that likes bloodlines and this mock reflects that: Harvey is the son of Ryan and fits the Dodgers mold of hard-throwing physical right-handed preps. Quantrill and Biggio also fit with the genetic emphasis, though both have some signability risk. Knapp has a good bat and could go sooner than this if scouts believe he can remain behind the plate.

San Diego Padres
13) Trey Ball, LHP, Indiana HS
50) Devin Williams, RHP, Missouri HS
69) Ryan McMahon, 3B, California HS
86) Carlos Salazar, RHP, California HS
118) JaCoby Jones, 2B, Louisiana State
COMMENT: Another upside emphasis here. Bell has a chance to get into the top half-dozen so getting him at 13 could be a coup. Williams and Salazar have outstanding arms as well but will need development work. Reports on McMahon are mixed as to his future position; Jones has first-round caliber tools but never lived up to that in college. This class will take time to show dividends but there's huge potential.

San Francisco Giants
25) Rob Kaminsky, LHP, New Jersey HS
64) Trey Masek, RHP, Texas Tech
101) Mason Smith, OF, Idaho HS
132) Daniel Palka, OF, Georgia Tech
COMMENT: Some experts see Kaminsky as the top prep lefty in the draft other than Ball, so getting him at 25 should please the Giants. Smith has enough upside to draw scouts to Idaho, hardly a baseball hotbed. Palka has huge power but we'll have to see about his contact ability at higher levels. Masek has enough stuff to be a first round candidate if he didn't have durability concerns. A diverse mix.