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Minor League Ball Gameday, May 15

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Carlos Correa
Carlos Correa
Bob Levey

Good afternoon prospect watchers. You may have noticed some technical problems around SB Nation today. Our tech support staff is working feverishly to resolve the issues, and they truly appreciate your patience. It is impacting our end of things as well and I didn't have access myself to the site for most of today. However, performance is improving and everything should be back to normal around here soon. Again, thanks for your patience.

My main goal right now is to get a Mock MLB 2013 Draft ready for tomorrow, as well as finishing up the final notes for players from the Cedar Rapids Kernels roster.

***Here is yesterday's Minor League Ball gameday thread.

***Houston Astros prospect Carlos Correa went 3-for-5 for Quad Cities yesterday and is now hitting .247/.396/.382 in 89 at-bats. Someone asked me this morning via email "what's wrong with Carlos Correa" and compared him unfavorably to Byron Buxton. I'd like to point out that Correa is still just 18 years old and is almost 10 months younger than Buxton, which makes a big difference. I'm not worried about Correa at all.

***Everyone knows about Cuban import outfielders Yasiel Puig (Dodgers) and Jorge Soler (Cubs), but another Cuban worthy of attention is Henry Urrutia in the Baltimore Orioles system, who signed last July for $778,500. He's older than the other guys at age 26 and has less physical projection, but his career in North America is off to a good start with a .360/.415/.613 line in 75 at-bats since being activated at Double-A Bowie. He's been particularly hot lately and is on an 8-for-19 run in his last four games along with hitting .425 in his last 10 games.

***Today's minor league slate of contests.