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2013 MLB Draft: Discussion and Mock Draft Madness

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Reese McGuire hugs Chris Okey
Reese McGuire hugs Chris Okey
Chung Sung-Jun, Getty Images

Draft day is here!

Here is an open discussion thread to share the latest news and rumors. I will be around most of the day.


My latest attempt at a Mock Draft was posted here at SB Nation and explores what could happen if the Peter Gammons rumor about the Rockies picking Dominic Smith comes true.

Jim Callis at Baseball America posted his final Mock Draft this morning. It is not behind the subscriber wall, so take anyone can take a look. Jim doesn't buy the Smith/Rockies rumors but notes that Sean Manaea could drop out of the first round entirely. Teams have the Indiana State ace's medical reports which indicate a torn hip labrum, but clubs want more information and aren't likely to get it in the time remaining.

Jim also picks up some hints of potential negotiation frustration between the Minnesota Twins and Kohl Stewart, which could make the "pre-draft deal with Reese McGuire" scenario more likely, though he still slots Kohl with the Twins for now.