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Los Angeles Angels Organization Discussion

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I am now working on the San Diego Padres prospect list. The next team in line is the Los Angeles Angels, to be followed by the Colorado Rockies, then the Cincinnati Reds to finish things up.

Use this thread to discuss the future of the Angels organization. Some possible concepts to discuss, though of course you should feel free to mull over any Angels-oriented topics you wish.

****The Angels won 89 games but the attempt to buy a pennant with free agents didn't work. Will Josh Hamilton push you over the top?

****From a prospect point of view, the big news of course was the stunning rookie campaign of Mike Trout, who was better than even his strongest supporters could have hoped. What do you expect from Trout in 2013? And going forward from there?

****Which players on the major league roster would you make a long-term commitment to? Obviously you're stuck with Hamilton, Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson for awhile.

****The farm system by most accounts is rather thin once you get past the top prospects. What would your strategy be for 2013, draft and international? You can't say "best player available."

****As always, feel free to share your sleepers with one another.