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San Diego Padres Organization Discussion

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Bud Black
Bud Black

I am now working on the Boston Red Sox prospect list. The next team in line is the San Diego Padres, to be followed by the Los Angeles Angels, Colorado Rockies, and Cincinnati Reds to finish up. After that I will go back and make any grade changes to previous lists, re-order lists if necessary, work up an organizational ranking list, and a new Top 100 Prospects list.

Use this thread to discuss the San Diego Padres system. Here are some possible points of discussion, though of course you are not limited to this and can talk about anything Padres-oriented in this thread.

****The Padres finished 76-86, 18 games behind the San Francisco Giants in the National League West. However, the core of the team is fairly young and the farm system is brimming with talent. Of the players currently on the major league roster, who do you commit to long-term?

****The Padres have shown the ability to find talent just about anywhere, picking up young players and prospects in trades, in the draft, and in Latin America. They've found good players from both high school and college ranks. What would be your emphasis in 2013, in the draft and elsewhere? You can't use the "best player available" line.

****As always, feel free to share your sleepers. There are a lot of them in this system.