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2012 College Baseball Prospect Notes: 3-5-12

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It wasn't an overly eventful weekend but I have a few notes. Later this week, I will try to get more player write ups done. A lot of the same names are being talked about here. I would like to talk about some others that you should know as well.

Mark Appel for Stanford got hit hard by Fresno State giving up 8 hits and 7 ER in 8 innings. He walked 3 and K'd 11. Kevin Gausman at LSU gave up 10 hits in 6 1/3 IP and K'd 6 but did not allow a walk. Not a great weekend for these 3. On the other hand Duke ace Marcus Stroman K'd 17 in 7 innings and only gave up 2 hits.

Brett Mooneyham at Stanford continued to look good throwing 2 hit ball over 7 innings and notching 13 K's and walking only 2.

Kyle Zimmer at San Francisco pitched 6 solid innings allowing only one run on five hits and walking none. He struck out 7 as well.

Michael Wacha at Texas A&M continues to pitch well. He pitched 7 innings with 7 K's, walked 1 and allowed 8 hits but only threw 92 pitches.

Austin Maddox has been dominant coming out of the Florida pen. He pitched 3 1/3 innings allowed 2 hits and K'd 7. He looks like he could be a future closer with his mid 90's velocity and nasty slider.

While Kurt Heyer at Arizona doesn't have the highest ceiling, he pitched 9 excellent innings allowing 6 hits and striking out 14 without allowing a walk.

Damien Magnifico at Oklahoma is a name to watch for all the velocity fans as he hit 100 again this weekend. The amazing thing is that it was in the 40's during the game. He could add a couple ticks as it warms up.

Matt Reynolds at Arkansas is swinging a hot bat right now. He isn't a big power hitter but a line drive guy with good contact ability.

Watching Florida is like watching a pro team. Mike Zunino is such a great hitter. He hit a homer and two doubles again on friday night. Nolan Fontana is a professional hitter. He works counts, gets on base, uses his speed well. So much fun to watch. Preston Tucker is right there as well. Works the count and hits the ball hard all the time. He is so much more consistent now than he was two years ago as a sophomore. It's really fun to watch them.

Tom Murphy at Buffalo is another catcher that is getting scouts attention. He is a good defender and he is hitting .370 this season with a homer. He isn't a big power guy, but he could go high this year because of the lack of depth in the college ranks.

Tyler Naquin at Texas A&M just keeps hitting and is still above .500 for the season. He is also an excellent defender in the outfield and has a rocket arm