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Draft Eve: Baseball Christmas in June

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Twas the night before Draft Day
And all through the War Room
Not a laptop was silent
Will your farm system bloom?

Scouting reports were piled
On the tables with care
Though your owner did fear
Boras soon would be there

Our plan for draft day is as follows: I will have a Prospect of the Day as usual tomorrow, but the rest of the day will be devoted to draft discussion. I may or may not have one final mock draft. An SBNation Draft Preview with small capsules for 40 possible first-round picks will be posted at Baseball Nation, but my plan is to keep an active discussion going here most of the day. 

During the draft itself, I will provide summaries of each pick as they are made at Baseball Nation, while posting more of an opinion-oriented reaction snapshot here. It will be a busy day! It will be a blast.

Use this thread to complete the poem I started above, or just talk about the draft, or spread rumor and innuendo.