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2011 Community Mock Draft Review: AL West

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Moving through the divisions with the AL West.

American League West Mock Draft Review

Los Angeles Angels
1-17) Taylor Guerrieri, RHP, South Carolina HS
3) Brett Mooneyham, LHP, Stanford
COMMENT: Guerrieri is a potential steal at 17 overall. With no second round pick, trying to make a splash in the third round made sense, but the Angels director had a computer crash right before his spot came up again. In his stead, I selected Carl Thomore, a toolsy outfielder from New Jersey with excellent makeup, which seemed like someone the Angels would be interested in given their success with Mike Trout. However, the Angels SD just informed he prefers the high upside arm of Brett Mooneyham, so there he is. A healthy Mooneyham has first-round ability so picking him in the third is reasonable.

Oakland Athletics
1-18) Mikie Mahtook, OF, LSU
3) Cody Asche, 3B, Nebraska
COMMENT: Oakland scouting directors never showed up, so I picked a couple of impressive college bats given press reports that Oakland is looking for offense. I think Mahtook's tools are underrated and he hit the tar out of the ball despite the new bats. Asche may end up at first base but has potent power/patience potential.

Seattle Mariners
1-2) Anthony Rendon, 3B, Rice
2) Connor Barron, SS, Mississippi HS
3) Kes Carter, OF, Western Kentucky
3-S) Blake Snell, LHP, Washington HS
COMMENT: Rumors say the Mariners are looking for hitting, and I would be very happy with a Rendon/Barron/Carter trio. Rendon is great obviously, but Barron and Carter have good tools too. Snell is a nice pick in the supplemental third round to replace Ryne Stanek who didn't sign last year.

Texas Rangers
1-33) Joe Ross, RHP, California HS
1-S37) Travis Harrison, 1B, California HS
2) Tyler Goeddel, 3B, California HS
3) Jake Cave, LHP, Virginia HS
COMMENT: Three California prep picks to start off with, followed by a high school arm that will have to be bought away from LSU. Cave fits into recent Rangers interest in smallish high school lefties with athleticism and live arms. Ross would have been a top-15 pick in some classes, and both Harrison and Goeddel could have been top 30s in some years. This class would take time to pan out but has upside.