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Slade Heathcott Attacks Catcher

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If you followed the 2009 draft at all, you may remember that part of the reason Texas high school outfielder Slade Heathcott lasted until the 29th overall pick, despite excellent tools, was due to concerns about his makeup, unsettled life, and volatile personality.
It seems he still has some work to do on anger management.
Playing for Charleston in the Sally League last night, he got hit by a pitch last night in a game against Greenville and reacted by attacking the catcher.
Ironically, as Baseball America's Ben Badler points out, Heathcott had just been profiled in the Charleston Post and Courier in a positive article discussing his off-the-field troubles and how he's worked to overcome them. Yankees officials have been saying for some time that Heathcott, who came from a difficult (to say the least) family environment, has made a lot of progress with his maturity level and that they weren't worried about him long-term, especially given his intensity on the field.
Heathcott was hitting .312/.396/.504 for Charleston, making significant progress refining his tools. We'll have to see what the long-term fallout is for his career.