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Prospect of the Day: Brad Emaus

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Prospect of the Day: Brad Emaus, 2B, New York Mets
   Taking over at second base for the New York Mets this year is Brad Emaus, a Rule 5 pick from the Toronto Blue Jays system. Drafted in the 11th round in 2007 from Tulane University, Emaus doesn't have exceptional tools or eye-catching athleticism, but is a "grinder," a player whose performance may exceed his natural "talent" due to his polish. He always showed excellent strike zone judgment in the Toronto system, drawing 212 walks against just 220 strikeouts in 1559 minor league at-bats. He also hit 15 homers and 32 doubles last year between Double-A and Triple-A, then won the Mets job with a .294/.400/.431 mark in spring training. His defense is considered average, but he hustles and has good instincts, and if he hits as expected, his glove is good enough for him to hold a job. Don't expect Emaus to set the league on fire, but he can hit .260 with a good OBP and the occasional home run.