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Six More Interesting High School Prospects for the 2011 Draft

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Six More High School Players for 2011 Draft

Here are six more interesting high school players who could go early in the 2011 draft.

Tyler Beede, RHP, Groton, Massachusetts: Listed at 6-4, 195, hits right, committed to Vanderbilt. A cold-weather guy, his father played minor league ball in the Cubs system in the 1980s. Projectable frame, fastball in 92-93 range with movement, also has curveball and changeup. Would be a first-rounder in many drafts but given the huge amount of pitching available this year, and his Vanderbilt commitment, he could easily drop lower than his talent level warrants. VIDEO (2010):

Hudson Boyd, RHP, Fort Myers, Florida. Listed at 6-2, 235, hits right, University of Florida commitment. Plays for Bishop Verot high school, same school as first base prospect Dan Vogelbach (see below). Boyd is a big guy and some scouts worry he could get too big if he's not careful, but he's not really fat and is physically strong. Fastball clocked as high as 95 MPH but usually a bit lower. Has a good curveball and usually throws strikes. Draft position is unclear, won't go in the first round but could get into supplemental. VIDEO (2010):

Phillip Evans, SS, Carlsbad, California
. Listed 5-10, 180, hits right, San Diego State University commitment. Not a huge guy but a good athlete, strong for his size, good throwing arm, bat is polished, makeup highly-regarded. Main question is his range: will he have enough to stay at shortstop, or will he move over to second base? He has great hands which would play well at the keystone, but a shortstop who can hit is harder to find. Depending on bonus demands, might sneak into the back of the first round but more probably a supplemental guy. VIDEO (2010)

Dillon Maples, RHP, West End, North Carolina: Listed 6-3, 195, hits right, University of North Carolina commitment. Yet another intriguing high school arm in a draft full of them, hits the mid-90s at times. Very good curveball for his age, should have two plus pitches with experience. Will need to work on his changeup but most pitchers his age do. This is another guy who would be a certain first round pick in some years but could drop this year due to the simple number of arms available. Target for supplemental or early second round. VIDEO (2010)

Joshua Tobias, INF, Greensboro, North Carolina. Listed 5-10, 190, switch-hitter, University of Florida commitment. Not a big guy, but very strong, fast, loads of bat speed, somewhat raw but projects double-digits in both steals and home runs assuming his bat develops as expected. Position is a question, may end up at second base or outfield, but the bat is very intriguing. Late first round or supplemental round candidate. VIDEO (2010)

Dan Vogelbach, 1B, Fort Myers, Florida. Listed at 6-0, 240 pounds, hits left, University of Florida commitment. Was close to 290 pounds last year but has slimmed down some this spring, while maintaining his strength and enormous power. He's reasonably polished as a hitter and has good plate discipline, but even in better physical condition, his body type has scouts projecting him as a future DH, albeit one who could hit 40 homers a year. There is an outside chance he could be a surprise late-first round pick, but will more probably go in the supplemental or early second round. VIDEO (2010)