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Top High School Hitters for 2011 Draft, Part Two

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Here is a look at more high school hitters for the 2011 draft. Part One of this report was posted Friday.

The goal is to cover anyone who looks like a potential first round pick.

Travis Harrison, OF-3B, Aliso Viejo, California: 6-2, 215, bats right. USC commitment. Big-time power potential, good arm, runs decently for a big guy right now but might slow down in time. Draft stock seems all over the place; some like him at the bottom of the first round, others don't have him as high as the supplemental. I'm trying to find out more about this. VIDEO:

Austin Hedges, C, San Juan Capistrano, California: 6-1, 205, hits right. UCLA commitment. Very good defensive catcher and will certainly stick there as a pro. Would go in first round some years, but probably not this year. There are concerns about his bat, and he's strongly committed to college, meaning he won't be cheap to sign. Should still go on the first day though if he falls too far he'll require over-slot money. VIDEO:

Francisco Lindor, SS, Clermont, Florida: 5-11, 175, hits both. Florida State commitment. Rated as a late-first round talent pre-season due to athleticism and defense, he's hit well enough this spring to move him into the Top Ten and maybe even the Top Five. He can hit, he can run, he can field. VIDEO:

Christian Lopes, SS, Huntington Beach, California: 6-1, 185, hits right. USC commitment. Not the toolsiest player in the universe and probably won't stick at shortstop, but he's got an extremely polished approach at the plate, great plate discipline with some pop. Not a first rounder but could go in the second or third round. Not related to Davey Lopes. VIDEO:

Brandon Nimmo, OF, Cheyenne, Wyoming: 6-2, 180, hits left. University of Arkansas commitment. No high school baseball where he lives, but scouts are very familiar with him due to Legion ball and the showcase circuit. Left-handed hitter with tools, raw power, good speed, and more polish than you would expect given his background. Draft status a little hard to read. He has late first-round tools and could go there, but might drop a bit if teams don't feel they've gotten a good enough look at him. VIDEO:

Dwight Smith, JR OF, Peachtree City, Georgia: 5-11, 185, hits left. Georgia Tech commitment. Another bloodline player, Smith is a good athlete and a very polished hitter who should provide a high batting average, OBP, and decent power. Ultimate upside isn't quite as high as some of the other HS OF available, but his polish gives him a good chance to reach his ceiling. Late first round or supplemental pick. VIDEO:

Bubba Starling, OF, Gardner, Kansas: 6-5, 200, hits right. University of Nebraska commitment. Best high school athlete in the draft, and that's saying something given the depth this year. Power, speed, throwing arm, terrific athleticism, complete package. Won't be cheap to buy away from Cornhusker football, but he'll go very early. Local player for the Royals, will they pick him at Number Five? VIDEO:

Trevor Story, SS, Irving, Texas: 6-0, 170, hits right. LSU commitment. Strong throwing arm, good athlete, has some power, may be able to stick at shortstop at higher levels. Moving up draft boards, could go in the supplemental round. VIDEO:

Blake Swihart, C, Rio Rancho, New Mexico: 6-1, 180, bats both. University of Texas commitment. Switch-hitting power stands out, and he has the physical tools (including a plus throwing arm) to remain behind the plate, though he needs more polish and experience. High school catchers are a risky demographic, but scouts seem sold on Swihart as a mid first-rounder. VIDEO:

Charlie Tilson, OF, New Tier, Illinois: 6-0, 170, hits left. University of Illinois commitment. Cold-weather outfielder but scouts are very familiar with him after a strong summer performance. Great athlete, very good speed, will show some power at times but more of a line drive guy. Doesn't have a great arm but runs well enough to play center and is a fine fielder. Second round possibility, maybe supplemental. VIDEO: