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Report: Dodgers Prospect Zach Lee Reverses Decision, Returns to Football

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Lee Reverses Decision: Will Play Football at LSU

2010 Los Angeles Dodgers first-round draft choice Zach Lee has reversed last summer's decision to forgo college football at LSU. Sources close to Lee indicate that the pitching prospect was "disappointed' and "unhappy" with the experience of his first professional spring training, and has chosen to return to the gridiron. "He's struggled with this over the last couple of weeks," one anonymous source said, "but he came to a clear decision yesterday. He wants to play football."

LSU football coach Les Miles and Athletic Director Joe Alleva had no comment when contacted by the Associated Press. Sources within the athletic department do confirm that they have been contacted by Lee, and that the situation "took us by surprise." The athletic department is said to be consulting with the NCAA regarding Lee's eligibility.

Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti also refused comment. Dodgers Assistant General Manager for Scouting, Logan White, when contacted by AP this morning, said "this is news to us" and "as far as we're concerned, Zach is a Dodger until he tells us he isn't."

Lee, a football and baseball star from high school in McKinney, Texas, signed with the Dodgers for $5,250,000 last August, as the 28th overall pick in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft.

(Word has just gotten to me that not everyone knows this is a joke. It's a joke folks!!)