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Guess the Prospect!

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Guess the Prospect!

The first person who correctly identifies this prospect gets to pick the subject for the next Career Profile or Post-Hype Analysis.

I was drafted between the first and sixth rounds of the draft, after 1980 but before 1990, out of high school south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I didn't hit well in rookie ball, then missed almost all of my second season with injury. In my third professional season I hit very well in Low-A, then continued to hit well after jumping to Double-A in my fourth year. Injuries struck again in my fifth season, but in my sixth pro season I hit well enough in Triple-A to earn a brief trial in the majors.

I was injured again in my seventh season, but continued to hit well, then made the major leagues to stay in my eighth season. I kept getting hurt, had mediocre strike zone judgment, and was frequently platooned, but I was always a dangerous hitter. I did not play a premium defensive position and was more-or-less a born DH, and my career ended early.

Who am I?